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Venture Bros - The Monarch Symbol - FREE Colorwork Chart

UPDATE 2/7/23: Duplicate stitch! Yes!   This week I was asked to make a hat with The Monarch symbol it. "Ok," I said. And I did. It was excellent for breaking up the monotony of making bigfoot hat after bigfoot hat, that's for sure. And here's the chart! Feel free to use it for knitting, crochet, needlepoint, or whatever fibercraft floats your boat. If you do use it, please link back to this post to share it with the rest of the Internet! For more, give my Facebook page a like and also swing by my Etsy shop . For the hat, I actually duplicate stitched the pattern onto a plain black knit hat I made. I love any excuse to duplicate stitch and this was a perfect opportunity to do so. Duplicate stitch is my current favorite thing. There are tons of tutorials online. Here 's a good one. Happy crafting and holidays and holiday crafting! XOXOX

More Free Dragon Age Heraldry Colorwork Charts - Kirkwall, Legion of the Dead, Seekers of Truth

UPDATE 2/18/23: Cleaned up the all-seeing-eye for the Seekers!  If you're looking for more Dragon Age heraldry, you can also get the Qunari, Templars, and Tevinter emblems here . UPDATE 2/11/23: Gonna touch up that Seekers of Truth symbol and make some smaller versions of these if I can! Keep an eye on my Facebook page for when I do this. I have a hefty to-do list! Check out last week's post for the Antivan Crows, Circle of Magi, Dalish and Inquisition heraldry colorwork charts! [ Here ] This week, I give to you Kirkwall, the Legion of the Dead and the Seekers of Truth. The Seeker chart is a little discombobulated with colors. Use your brain. The sigil is solid white, the background is two-toned with a split down the middle (or solid - it looks rad in solid black or black and gray with white...embrace your aesthetic)! I've made all of these using sc tapestry crochet, but they should be fine for other yarn and needlework. Right click > Open in new window > Save so

Free Dragon Age Heraldry Colorwork Charts - Antivan Crows, Circle of Magi, Dalish and Inquisition

UPDATE 2/18/23: I cleaned up the Circle of Magi emblem. I also have more free Dragon Age charts that you can find below.   Kirkwall, Legion of the Dead, and Seekers of Truth Heraldry grids Templars, Qunari, and Tevinter Heraldry grids   UPDATE 2/8/23: This post had some bizarre formatting after my blog theme change! I don't understand why the weirdness only happened to some posts. Like, what in the world did I do different in the original post?? My mind! It's blown! These charts are otherwise all good, I suppose! Who is jazzed for Dreadwolf? I am. It'll probably have some more stuff in it for me to make charts of too! lol but until then, check my Etsy for my currently available goodies!   Oops, I've been hoarding colorwork charts. I made these forever ago for some  crochet patches  and then totally forgot about them. Dragon Age is pretty much my favorite franchise of anything ever and I have a ton of these heraldry charts because I got really over-excited about maki

Crochet CL4P-TP: A Useless Robot Made of Yarn

UPDATE 2/7/23: Made some changes/corrections to reflect the present day.  Everyone's favorite most hated robot on Pandora (and Elpis) is now available in an adorable 13" crochet version...made by me, not by Hyperion! And made of yarn! For cuddles?! He's supposed to be a general purpose robot, but we all know he's a useless piece of garbage! A crochet Claptrap is just as useless, but at least he doesn't talk, so that's an improvement. Made-to-Order Crochet Claptrap $90 + shipping 1-2 week production time, but I will try DAMN HARD to do it in under a week, especially with the holiday season upon us...I will also do colors other than yellow! If you'd like me to make you a Claptrap, contact me about a custom order! My commission status is in the announcement at the top of my Etsy page ! Claptrap Crochet Pattern Includes charts and other junk in an attempt to help you understand my brainprocess. I do intend to have some ready-to-ship Claptraps (ava