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Crochet Plushies. More Plushies. Then Some More Plushies.

UPDATE 2/8/23: I still like making plushies. I love getting requests for plushies. I love when people want creative plushies! I really like making plushies, especially if I get to make a whole lot of different plushies in all different styles, etc., which I've been doing. I really like figuring out how to create different shapes with the skills at my disposal! I've been trying to make more crochet plushies over the last few months when I have some spare time, so that you internet people can see that I also make plushies in addition to hundreds of hats. A few people have shown some interest and this is super cool. *Hint Hint* I can and will happily make you a custom plushie in exchange for money. ;) Extra Special One-of-a-Kind Stuff First, there was this camel. I may or may not have made a blog post about him. I'm far too lazy to look at it's almost 2am. Who doesn't love a crochet camel though? I didn't pattern this camel because sometimes (a lot of the t

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Cutie Mark Colorwork Charts FOR FREE

UPDATE 2/8/23: I duplicate stitched these onto hats. If you add a bit of a border to make them all the same size they'd also make fine c2c squares for a blanket! As with all of my charts/patterns, you're welcome to request custom orders if it's not something I regularly stock! You can see my commission status on my Etsy ! If you're looking for more patterns, then check out my Ko-Fi !   Someone's been watching My Little Pony...! That someone is obviously me. I feel no shame on account of shame isn't one of my feelings. I made a Fluttershy hat for a friend's daughter a while back, but I wasn't super happy with it. I've reworked the pattern to make it a little smaller and also went ahead and made the rest of the main ponies' cutie marks as well.  I might make even smaller versions of these too in the next day or so. I want to make a few hats for the shop that are just your basic beanies with small, simple cutie marks on them in duplicate st