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FREE and Super-Easy Wavy Blanket Crochet Pattern

UPDATE 2/11/23: Pattern still valid and good, just corrected some minor formatting. I must comment this here to know that I already looked at this pattern during the Great Blog Update of 2023. Need a fast, easy, and fun blanket pattern? This wavy blanket looks pretty snazzy with two contrasting colors, but it would also look great with three or more colors. Heck, do a gradient of colors. It's easy to customize a bit too by adding in treble crochets to make your waves taller if you want. There's a pattern on Moogly with a similar motif in smaller squares. The blanket I made is baby blanket size and square, but you can make it whatever size you like. Seriously. Do what you want. Don't let a pattern rule your life. ;) Anywho, let's get to blanket-making business! I worked in BLO (back loop only)! Materials and Stuff yarn in at least two colors (make sure each of your yarns is the same weight is my only caveat) - I used sport weight for this particular blanket a