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FREE Colorwork Chart for Knit and Crochet - The Punisher Skull Emblem

UPDATE 2/11/23: You could c2c this but you might want to add two columns of background on the left and right sides.  I've used this chart for tapestry crochet as well as for duplicate stitch on knitting. It will also work for your preferred colorwork knitting technique or other needly crafts. Like this chart? Like my other charts? Give my Facebook page a like. Share this post to spread the free chart and Punisher love. If you make something rad you can also feel free to share it with me...again, on my Facebook page. Buy things from my Etsy shop too. Happy crafting! XOXOX

FREE Crochet Pattern - Mr. Poopybutthole Plush from Rick and Morty

UPDATE 2/11/23: Made a lil note about BLO and also you should pop over to my Etsy and go to Ko-Fi if you're looking for patterns! Make yourself a long-time family friend! I'm not totally pleased with the hat I made for mine, so do as I say in this pattern not as I have done in the photos, kids. Your finished Mr. Poopybutthole will be about 14" from the top of his hat to his feet. Materials and Stuff size J crochet hook worsted weight yarn in yellow, black, cyan (or some light blue), brown, and a little white - I actually used sport weight yarn for his yellow parts because it was a nicer yellow, but worsted should be fine yarn needle stitch marker some sort of stuffing material Abbreviations ch: chain sc: single crochet rnd/rnds: round/rounds st/sts: stitch/stitches inc: increase (2 sc in same stitch) dec or sc2tog: single crochet decrease or single crochet two stitches together What You Do (stitches in rnd are in parentheses) AND NOTE: I worke

Easy Crochet Fingerless Bag Lady Mitts - FREE PATTERN

UPDATE 2/11/23: I had to admit this but I scrapped this project, and I did it pretty recently. This pattern is still good though for some fingerless mitts or a base for any sort of crochet cosplay gauntlets. Visit Etsy to see my current ready-to-ship inventory as well as check my commission status. There are a lot of patterns out there for fingerless mitts. I wanted a pair of solid, sturdy ones for my Ranger-General Sylvanas gauntlets. If you keep up with my Facebook , you know that I've gone insane and I'm crocheting a Sylavanas cosplay based on her Ranger-General skin in Heroes of the Storm. NB: This is NOT a pattern for the completed gauntlets, this is just the mitts they're attached to. Finished mitts measure approximately 11" in length and 4" across at the widest part, so they're small adult or kid-sized. Because I am a waif of a human. For larger mitts you can either use a larger hook size or add length or girth in the form of more rows or stit

FREE and Super-Easy Wavy Blanket Crochet Pattern

UPDATE 2/11/23: Pattern still valid and good, just corrected some minor formatting. I must comment this here to know that I already looked at this pattern during the Great Blog Update of 2023. Need a fast, easy, and fun blanket pattern? This wavy blanket looks pretty snazzy with two contrasting colors, but it would also look great with three or more colors. Heck, do a gradient of colors. It's easy to customize a bit too by adding in treble crochets to make your waves taller if you want. There's a pattern on Moogly with a similar motif in smaller squares. The blanket I made is baby blanket size and square, but you can make it whatever size you like. Seriously. Do what you want. Don't let a pattern rule your life. ;) Anywho, let's get to blanket-making business! I worked in BLO (back loop only)! Materials and Stuff yarn in at least two colors (make sure each of your yarns is the same weight is my only caveat) - I used sport weight for this particular blanket a

FREE Crochet Pattern - The Fox Plush from The Little Prince

UPDATE 2/8/23: Formatting got weird when I change my blog theme and I have now fixed it!     UPDATED: 10/3/22, for clarity!   You can now get a printable PDF version of this as a PAY WHAT YOU WANT pattern on my Ko-Fi here .     The finished Fox is about 23" from nose to tail. My gauge was approx. 4 sts/inch and 4 rows/inch and I chose to stuff the body and tail rather loosely, legs a bit more firm, but it's up to you. I like a floppy Fox. In The Little Prince (the Netflix movie version), Plushy Fox has orange ears with white inside and the black just around the edge. I chose to make my original Foxes (pictured to the right) with just black ears for silly aesthetic reasons, but you can easily sub in your orange for the backs of your Fox's ears. The new Fox I made had movie-accurate ears (below).   If you're not a crafty-type person, you stumbled across this pattern, and you want a Fox, don't hesitate to message me via Facebook . I'm pretty friendly and