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WIP Wednesday! Bags! Bags! Bags!

Commissions will be closed at the end of this month, probably through all of February so I can concentrate on updating old patterns, and also old blog posts here. AND ALSO get started making pattern and tutorial videos! I'll be revamping my YouTube, which I will not link you to just yet. Patience, my dudes! While you wait, check out my patterns on Ravelry . I'll actually be MAKING the things from my patterns because that's the best way to test them, so they'll be available for purchase once they're done. If there's something from one of my patterns that you like a lot then keep an eye out! As far as the rest of this month goes, I'm trying to jam out a few new items for a small shop update on February 1st - they're all bags! So many bags! I'm trying to see what designs I vibe with. Take a look around my Etsy shop to see what's available currently! I'm NOT going to do any Valentine's Day items this year! I hope that doesn't disappoint