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Nyan Cat Colorwork Chart for C2C or whatever

A special treat! I needed a little knitting break, so I made a Nyan Cat grid! I think it would make a nice c2c crochet pillow cover (I've sort of been itching to make weird pillows but I don't want to turn into my grandmother and have 96 decorative pillows swallowing all of my furniture).  Anyway, SURELY someone needs this! I didn't add diagonal lines for c2c because I don't want people to think it's c2c ONLY. For real, do what you want with it. Be free. Get creative. You can download it and edit it, if you want. Add more stars or something. I do wish I had added a few more stars.  Happy crafting! If you make a cool thing and share it online then please provide credit and link back to this page! I tediously clicked every single one of these squares to color them. For real. I did. Check out my shop if you're looking to buy something or check my commission/custom order status! If you're looking for patterns then go to Ravelry or Ko-Fi . On the latter, I

Slim Jim Logo FREE C2C Pattern!

I DON'T KNOW WHO NEEDS THIS BUT I BET SOMEONE OUT THERE DOES. You're welcome. I have not tested this, but I'm confident in my c2c charts. I imagine it as a nice, weird pillow (and I might actually make a pillow at some point - I'm a smidge bogged down by my own arbitrary schedule at the moment). 30x30 is also a good size if you want to sc, like, a square hat? Put some pom poms on the top corners. I AM GIVING YOU FREE IDEAS.  It'll work for duplicate stitch knitting too, no doubt.  Get creative, cowards. If you make a thing and post it on the interwebs then please link back here because everyone needs to SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM! OOOOOOH YEAH! Check out my Etsy if you want to buy physical items, Ravelry or Ko-Fi for patterns! I also offer a cool membership on Ko-Fi that currently gets you Pokemon c2c stuff each month!

Hot Beverage Beanie Pattern Update!

A second pattern update this week! Look at me go! The Hot Beverage Beanie is an old oooooold olde pattern from back when I first started knitting, so it was LONG overdue for an update, unlike the possum hat . 

Screaming Opossum Pattern UPDATE!

  Alrighty! I'm working on updating MULTIPLE patterns this month and this one is ready to go! This is one of my original designs and it is isn't actually that old of a pattern, but I made some tweaks to it based on customer feedback. I also made the pattern itself more readable and added some additional images to the end. Nothing too crazy, but regardless, you can now buy the UPDATED version! Snag it from my Ko-Fi Shop Or Ravelry Or (if for some reason you want to pay more to make Etsy richer) Etsy   There's currently ONE possum hat available to purchase and you can get it here . It's the one pictured in the pattern images above. There will be some more possums added next month when I do my Pride Month Hat Drop...just in time for summer..........