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DRAMA LLAMA!!11!11 hats.

UPDATE 1/23/23: Hot damn! I low-balled the ever-loving shit out of my work back when I first started! $20 for a handmade hat is BaNaNaS! BANANAS! B A N A N A S!   Do you only know how to spell "bananas" because of "Holler Back Girl?" Me too, my dudes. Me too.    But I digress...lord have mercy! These prices SHAME me. I'm not deleting this post though because I believe in transparency or something and like...integrity. Like a ye olde fashioned journalist. Chronicling my own life and progress as a fiber artist or some shit like that.   These prices are a joke and if you think they're not then you can eat a dick smoothie, bruh. If you are also pricing your work this low, FUCKING STOP. QUIT IT. DO NOT. You're not helping anyone and you're railing yourself (not in a good way).   If you want to pay (still pretty cheap) but less insanely STUPID prices for handmade items, please, see yourself to my Etsy shop . Get my patterns from Ravelry or from Ko-Fi ! 

Custom Order: Ka and the White Dark Tower Beanie

UPDATE 1/23/23: I'm literally adding updates to every single one of my old posts. I've improved a lot since I made this hat. If I made this had again today, you bet your ass I'd use duplicate stitch. I also made a smaller version of the Ka symbol, which would look better. I need to find it and share it so I'll probably be updating this post yet again. I don't get a lot of international orders anymore. I think because shipping is absolutely batshit right now. Words are important for the search robots! Words words words! If you've stumbled on this post, definitely pop over to my Etsy and take a look around. If you're looking for patterns, buy those from Ravelry , and if you want to do me a real solid then go over to my Ko-Fi page and become a monthly member!  FREE Ka Symbol colorwork chart  FREE Unfound Hieroglyph chart ~~~~  I got this knit beanie in the mail yesterday for a fellow Dark Tower fan all the way in Australia! It features the Ka sigil on one si

Unfound Knit Skullcap Beanie

UPDATE 1/23/23: This hat of course has sold by now. These blog posts about my Dark Tower goodies are some of my least popular and yet my actual Dark Tower items always sold very quickly. My tumblr posts also popped off. How curious. I am considering at least making a Unfound beanie or two, and also getting the Unfound symbols tattooed on myself, which I think I mentioned at some point in some post or another.  Anyway... As of today there are no Tower goodies in my shop, but you can definitely pop over to my Ko-Fi Page and become a member. I really want to get more interaction from my members and maybe some collabs, idk. Come on, my dudes! ~~~~ Finished! It is in the Etsy shop here . I'm very pleased with the revamped pattern that I tweaked for knitting instead of crochet. It is much more compact. I can also make this hat as not a skullcap. I'm experimenting with different hat sizes so I can figure out exactly how many stitches I need for what. I gained enough xp to level my