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Mr. Midnight Pattern Update!

  I got a commission for one of these fellas so I took the opportunity to update the pattern. I fixed some typos and general readability and I added a bunch of additional step-by-step images AND I made a bunch of companion videos to help with assembly including one about ARTICULATION! Anywho, you can get the updated version of the pattern from Ko-Fi or Ravelry and you can check out the companion video playlist here . If you haven't played Fran Bow , the game that Mr. Midnight is from, then I've also got you covered and you can snag it here .

August Pattern Roundup! NOT Boring Granny Squares!

I am going to try my gosh dang hardest to consistently do some sort of pattern roundup every month. It's going to be a mid-month thing, I decided. It will be somewhere between the 14th and16th to give me a little flex in case I have a lot going on. This month I'm hitting you all with...oh, no...not...GRANNY SQUARES?!?! I know, I know. There are already numerous collections of granny square patterns all over the internet. Lists and lists. So many. Endless. Grannies for days, months, eternity! I'm bummed there's not alliteration because y'all know I love alliteration. Anywho, I'm doing my own little granny collection here now. These are some of my favorite NOT BORING grannies and they are all FREE! But listen, most of them also have an ad-free paid version if you want to throw a couple dollars toward the creator, which I strongly encourage. Always.  Also be sure to check out my Etsy shop to see what I have for sale and scope out my Ko-Fi if you're interested