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Mr. Meeseeks - Rick and Morty Plush - Free Crochet Pattern

UPDATE 2/11/23: Added a lil note about BLO, otherwise this pattern is still good!     He's Mr. Meeseeks! LOOK AT HIM! I know this took me a while, but he actually shouldn't take long to make if you work on him continuously, which is what I did not do. This is the perfect pattern to share on Valentine's Day though, amirite? EXISTENCE IS PAIN! Focusing now... My finished Meeseeks is about 11" tall. Gauge = 4.5 sts/inch; 3 rows/inch   I worked in BACK LOOPS ONLY. This is not important unless you want the same texture. Just double-check your gauge, but from what I can tell, tight BLO seems to run the same as most peoples' regular ol' sc.  Whatcha Need: Size F crochet hook (or whatever really, depends on what size you want him to be) Worsted weight yarn in turquoise or similar color, a little black, a little white, a little orange if you want hair - I used Red Heart Supa Sava in Turqua, Black, White, and Pumpkin yarn needle stitch marker your