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Pay What You Want Patterns on Ko-Fi!

UPDATE 2/12/23: I've actually decided that I AM going to start updating this blog again. I'm going to do some cross-posting with my Ko-fi. This is all very boring information, so I'll stop talking about it now! I've set up a whole page of my pay-what-you-way patterns that are only on Ko-Fi. My other patterns are all there too! If you buy from my Ko-Fi it's going to be cheaper than my Etsy patterns on account of the absolutely BATSHIT fees that Etsy keeps railing sellers with. If you want physical items then Etsy is still the place for that. You can also see my commission status there. If you're interested in a commission, I also recommend you DM me on Facebook . Facebook is also going to be where I post current updates and projects and new stuff. It's been a very long while since I made a blog post here! I've actually been focusing more on my Ko-fi page and hope to post even more content there in the future. This blog is going to remain here, of cours