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April 2024 Pattern Roundup!

  Feel absolutely free to skip over these words and jump right down to the patterns. Words on the internet are not actually written for people and are written for search engines after all.   I'm feeling extremely fatigued by social media and blogging and also...yarn, in general. I don't want to wax poetic about it too much, but I'm getting very discouraged. My craft business used to be sustainable and now it, simply put, is not. I've been doing this for years and the last couple of years it suddenly got extremely hard to drive traffic anywhere and people also don't want to pay me for my time. They want my things, but they want sweatshop prices (and yet they'll shell out $75 for Stanley cups, for example, because of the "brand" so don't say one word about "the economy" because the problem is that people don't want anything genuinely unique and handmade is no longer valued). Yeah, I know some people can't afford stuff right now, and