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New Prehistoric Pals Hats and UPDATED Pattern!

  I spruced up my old dinosaur hat pattern! I do believe it's my last knitting pattern that I needed to update to version2.0! It's two patterns in one! Two dinosaurs! A long-neck Brontosaurus dino and a T-Rex! The T-Rex is super cute, especially in pink, if you ask me. Anyway, the pattern is now more clear and I made some changes to resize it so the finished hats have a better fit. You can get it from Ko-Fi or Ravelry RIGHT NOW! There are also a few physical hats available on Etsy ...while supplies last! I'm not planning on stocking them unless there's interest, so what's there is what's there! The hat below is available and it's a variation of the one in the pattern! Easy variation! Just two rows of dinos! It makes a bit slouchier of a hat. Happy crafting! I'll be moving on to reworking my crochet patterns next! I'll be adding more step-by-step photos and also making some companion videos to go along with them!