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DragonCon 2015: Photo Recap

UPDATE 2/6/23: Fixed weird formatting on this post from my theme change. Making this weird comment at the top so I know I have been here. Great Blog Fixing of 2023. I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I have in years past and some of these were taken by my pseudo-handler and water-carrier, cats_and_critical_hits . If you stumble on this page and see yourself, please send me a message so I can give you the wonderful credit you deserve for being awesome. I'll also include links to your page(s) or whatever if you want, just let me know! XOXOX If you have burning questions about my crochet Sailor Saturn cosplay, check out the FAQ post. Thursday! Thursday night was pretty hoppin' so I put on Nisha to roam around and pick up my earrings from Eric ( Southpaw Engraving , Jarman Props ). Ran into a doge cosplay and died then we screwed around with Eric's kantus head. I forgot the earrings I was going to wear with Nisha so I decided to just use my Saturn earrings bec

Crocheted Sailor Saturn DragonCon FAQ

UPDATE 2/6/23: I'm still glad to answer questions. I enjoy answering questions. I reblogged a thing on tumblr last week where I said something along the same lines. I'm not at all annoyed by genuine questions from interested parties, even if the questions are the same questions that have been asked before (this is especially true at an event like DragonCon - unless you were standing nearby, you didn't hear the answer, so it's totally ok to ask again). I'm really very mellow, but there were some people hanging around me that were making fun of the other people that were coming to talk to me - this was lame and that's not how I roll. I hope it didn't deter anyone. So many people had questions and many were the same, valid questions. For those of you that missed me at DC or if you're just curious, but don't want to are the answers! Q: Is that knit or crochet? A: 100% crochet, even the incredibly tight stitches around my elbows. Those

Last-Minute DragonConning - Destiny Hunter Cosplay WIP

UPDATE 2/7/23: What a fun time! Having finished my two DragonCon cosplays with some weeks to spare apparently made me look very available to help someone mere days before we leave for Atlanta. There won't be a free knitting or crochet pattern this week, pals - because I have been spending every waking hour working on someone else's costume - a hunter from Destiny . Thankfully, she had fabricated most everything already and just brought it over. She also had a (horribly made) gun molded, which I'll rant about in a later post. My job has largely been painting, which is something I enjoy. I also sewed a cloak. I don't enjoy sewing, but I'm pleased enough with it. I've been watching Project Runway , which has instilled me with confidence? I did some draping shit, which looks alright. Today, because we have reached the eleventh hour, I've been doing assembly of some of the pieces and still painting. Painting. Painting. I may or may not have put more work int