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Dragon Age Heraldry Colorwork Charts Part 3: Templars, Qunari and Tevinter

UPDATE 2/18/23: Cleaned up the Qunari emblem. UPDATE 2/11/23: I'm going to to touch these up a bit and make smaller versions. It's on the 2023 to-do! Make sure you're following me on Facebook to see when I make these updates! Also, with Dreadwolf coming out soon (eventually), you can absolutely expect some new Dragon Age patterns!   Part 1: Antivan Crows, Circle of Magi, Dalish, Inquisition Part 2: Kirkwall, Legion of the Dead, Seekers of Truth Alright, friends! Long time, no post. I'm slacking on this blog big time. Feel free to shame me. I deserve it. I was asked to procure some Qunari and Tevinter heraldry charts, and I also found an unfinished Templar chart, which is now finished. The Qunari chart was totally done, but I clearly forgot to include it in my two previous Dragon Age posts. I haven't tested any of these charts, but they should be good for tapestry crochet, duplicate stitch, cross stitch or whatever is your fancy. The Tevinter chart doesn't