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Captain Marvel - Colorwork Chart

UPDATE 2/12/23: I know this chart was used on the front of a sweater for a kiddo! It was shared with me on my facebook! I might pop over here and do a version with squares so that it's more suitable for c2c!     Click for full-size. This chart suitable for knit, tapestry crochet, cross stitch or whatever. Feel free to save it so you can zoom accordingly since it's rather large. If you'll look closely, you can see that I screwed up on the number of squares needed horizontally, so you'll need to either drop the last column on the left or add a column on the right (lol oops). I'm a little rusty, I guess. Not on top of my grid game.  You may use or modify this chart to meet your needs, and if you make some kind of really rad Captain Marvel thing with my chart, please link back here to spread the joy. If you stumbled here by accident, mosey over to my Facebook page or Etsy store . Feeling really generous? BUY ME A COFFEE .