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Shop Unique. Shop Etsy For The Holidays.

UPDATE 2/4/23: This was a nice thing that I did periodically that I will start doing again this year! I also can't figure out why this post is formatted so weird and I cannot seem to fix it. I have rifled all through the HTML and I give up.     Hey Internet,  Handmadeology  (Facebook page  here ) is doing a neat promotion called  Shop Unique. Shop Etsy for the Holidays . If you didn’t know about this already then you should totally check it out. There’s lots of cool handmade stuff out there, you just have to find it. If you're a fellow crafter then you should support your fellow starving artists for sure. Here are a couple of my favorite Etsy shops/shops of my pals to feast your eyeballs on: SouthPawEngraving  ( Facebook ) - He makes a lot of earrings, but he can pretty much do anything from pendants for necklaces to Christmas tree ornaments. He also make things he’s already made in a million other colors. He's the dude behind Jarman Props  too and he's

Happy Thanksgiving + Black Friday + Some Updates

UPDATE 2/4/23: This is just me acknowledging that I have looked at this post during this Great Blog Re-Work of 2023. Other pertinent links now include my Ravelry store and my Ko-Fi page . If you want current updates about new things in my shop and new patterns and whatever then follow me on Facebook ! Happy Black Friday! I hope everyone's having fun and had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. I spent it watching Cheers and feeding turkey to the cats. Today I'm putting on my knitting pants and getting back to "work." I've been real busy with custom requests lately! I've gotten so many people in need of bigfoot hats that I'm going to take a moment to make a handful of different ones for the shop . They'll be on sale for the holidays too! I totally associate yetis with Christmas and yetis are northern bigfeet, right? Right. So keep your eyes peeled for those. There will be some Lorelai-style ones (gray and white) as well as other colors too. I'll a

Red & Green Sale HAPPENING NOW!

UPDATE 2/4/23: I still make terrible graphics like this. It's part of my charm. Especially since I'm 100% capable of making high-quality ones. My Etsy is still valid, but if you've stumbled on this post somehow, check out my Ko-Fi page for lots more (and also cheaper) patterns! Head on over to the Etsy shop and check out the featured items and also be sure to check in each shop section for more items that are part of this festive, holiday sale. It's not even Thanksgiving, but I don't care.

UPDATED Bigfoot Hat - Free Knitting Pattern

UPDATE 2/3/23: I spruced up this pattern for clarity as well as the changes I've made for a newer, superior version of the hat, and also did some work on the suggestions for variations section. And now, finally, if you'd like a printable PDF version without ads, you can get it HERE for a few dollars. The free version will of course still be available forever.   $1+ PDF Version You can see some examples of the new version of the hat to the right, where I don't start the decreases of the crown until after completing the honeycomb pattern, rather than working the decreases in with the pattern. It makes the finished hat a bit lengthier since slouchier hats are back in style again, I suppose. I never quite know what's in style at any given time.  The older images of the hat are down at the bottom of the page if you'd also like to see them if you're new here. I'm fairly certain the original hat that Lorelai wears on Gilmore Girls is using DK yarn. (The original