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Bo'Katan, y'all. Katee Sackhoff carries this show - change my mind. I did the Mythosaur earlier and I realized after that I should have just also done the Nite Owl at the same time, especially after this week's episode. I considered saving this for next week, but I do what I want.  If you're looking for the Mythosaur then head over here .   As with the Mythosaur, I made two. You've got a smaller, versatile 35x35 and a bigger 50x50. Feel free to download and edit them as needed for whatever you're doing. These are good for c2c, sc, duplicate stitch knitting, and cross stitch. I'd use caution with stranded knitting because the grid squares are...square. This will make the circle not circular since knit stitches are not square. Anyway, link back here to this post if you use these charts for anything cool! Please and thank you. This is the way.   For the latest updates, follow me on Facebook ! Check out Ko-Fi for patterns and I now offer monthly subscriptions f

FREE PATTERN FRIDAY! Mandalorian Mythosaur Skull Sigil Colorwork Chart

I'm sure someone out there needs this for something. I made two versions - a smaller 35x35 and a 50x50 that has a little more detail. These will totally work for c2c crochet or sc (but at the time of writing this, they are untested). They'll also be fine for cross stitch and duplicate stitch knitting. Do whatever you want! Knitting will be a little skewed because the grids are squares and I also worry a bit about the large sections of background color, but are your Mythosaur skulls so you can make your little Mandalore banners and stuff, you nerds! Feel free to save the charts and make tweaks as needed, but if you post your creations online, don't forget to link back here to share the love and joy! I should probably do the Nite Owl sigil, shouldn't I? Stay tuned...   If you want to get the latest updates and be the first to know about new free (and also paid) patterns then be sure to follow me on Facebook ! Scope out my current item inventory and see if I&

March Pattern Roundup! POTATOES?!

St. Patrick's Day is in March, and I associate potatoes with Ireland (due to that whole Potato Famine, I assume), and I also got a weird commission for, uh, a bunch of potato people and a potato king? So, does it make sense that this month's pattern roundup theme is...potatoes? I think so! Each of the potato people I made needed to be a little different (colors, sizes, etc.) but I looked around at existing amigurumi potato patterns for a starting point and inspo for my bunch of potatoe people. Here are my favorite potato crochet patterns and they are all totally FREE!!! Images below belong to their respective owners/pattern makers, of course! Only the potato people above are mine. Potato Amigurumi by Stitch By Fay This is a very easy potato of good size and I used this pattern for two (I think??) of my potatoes, but I used worsted weight yarn and an F hook to make them a bit larger than the pattern. Fay has A LOT of fun free patterns! Stitch by Fay on Facebook Amugurumi Potato

Drama Llama Knit Hats and Pattern! Available Now!

If you're bored and you go perusing this blog, you'll find some very old posts about Drama Llama hats. These were the first hats I ever designed and it's a super easy pattern! I had no idea what I was doing. But that's good because it's very simple and minimalist and great for someone wanting to get started with colorwork! The pattern is a great pattern for getting a feel for carrying your floats and working with yarn tension! I FINALLY (many years later) got around to digitalizing the pattern! I cleaned it up a bit, and you can get it from my Ko-Fi shop or Ravelry RIGHT NOW! I don't know why I put it off for so long. This just kept getting back burnered for other projects. If you're interested in buying a completed hat with prancing llamas (or alpacas) and exclamation points (to add DRAMA), I do have two purple and white ones available here on Etsy. I don't know how long they're going to last, but I do plan on stocking these this fall when I do m

Dark Tower Beam Guardian FREE Colorwork Charts

This has been a very long time coming. I spruced up my old Dark Tower Beam Guardian charts and they are here now, for FREE. The Dark Tower fandom has always been one of the most pleasant, coolest, chillest, awesome-est bunch of people. I used these charts for my Beam scarves, which I made a whole lot of and did not charge very much for (my bad). They're square because square is a nice shape for things, so you can use these for something other than scarves. The charts will also work for crochet - c2c or tapestry crochet or whatever you want to use them for! For most of the Beam scarves I included the Guardians at each end and staghorn cable. In the middle, you can put whatever - Eye of the Crimson King , Sigil of the White , the Unfound hieroglyphs. I think I've done all three for different scarves? You can also double-knit these and change the number of stitches for the border on the sides. If you don't double-knit you should do a ribbed bottom edge and probably i-cord edg