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FREE Crochet Pattern - Molly Hayes' Crochet Cat Hat from Runaways TV Show

UPDATE 2/11/23: Added a little note about BLO, which for some reason I always forget all the time, but as a general rule, if you have known me for a while, you know I have a weird BLO preference. I just like the way it looks! IDK! Follow me on Facebook for updates and other stuff! Free stuff! And check out my Etsy to buy stuff! Check out my Ko-Fi for patterns! Molly wears a knit cat hat in episode 1 of Runaways, but let's forget that hat for right now. The superior hat from the first season is the crochet cat hat that she wears in a couple of the later episodes. If you're interested in the knit hat from episode 1 then stick around because I'm going to get to it, I promise! It just might take me a while on account of real life job. NB: Before you get started, I used a J hook and the hat stitches came out a bit looser than intended. I recommend dropping down to an H or I, but be careful not to get so tight that it interferes with the sizing. This pattern is fo