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Very Hungry Caterpillar FREE Crochet Plushie Pattern

UPDATE 2/12/23: I'm going to add a PDF version of this pattern to my Ko-Fi soon! Make sure you're following me on Facebook for updates!   I thought I had already posted this pattern seeing as I made it YEARS AGO but I guess I didn't. Here it is! Enjoy this Very Hungry Caterpillar plushie! It's very easy, but a lot of parts. You can customize your caterpillar how you want with different greens and arrange the segments differently. Please link on back to this pattern, my Facebook page , and/or my Etsy shop ! What You Need (AKA Tools + Materials) • size F crochet hook • stitch marker • yarn needle • worsted weight yarn in red, yellow, and several greens of your choice (I used 5) • polyfill or other stuffing material Gauge: 4 sts/in and 4 sc rows/in Finished caterpillar measures approx. 12” from end to end, 6” from chin to top of antennae (tallest part), and the head is about 3” in diameter. Feel free to change your hook size or gauge to adjust the size to m

Skeletor Cat Plushie Pillow FREE Crochet Pattern

UPDATE 2/12/23: I only made one of these fellas, but I'm sure the pattern holds up fine. I added a note about working BLO because I always forget to mention it. Most crocheters can recognize it, but noobs might be confused about the different texture!   This cute and menacing Skeletor cat fella is about 14" from ears to the curve in the tail. It's easy but a lot of parts. I think he'd be even cuter scaled down a bit and maybe add some little feets. This was made for a commission based on a random Instagram post of a Skeletor cat that was not crochet. I couldn't find hide nor hair about the original online, so if anyone knows the origin, let me know so I can provide links, etc.   I worked in back loops only. I do this for no real reason other than I like the texture. You don't have to. Totally optional. What You Need size F crochet hook yarn needle worsted weight yarn in purple, bright blue, yellow, and black What You Do Belly With blue R