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Titty Frog FREE Crochet Pattern...NSFW????

UPDATE 2/12/23: I recently made one of these so I know the pattern still holds! If you'd like to commission one of these, then please check out my commission status on Etsy but then I'd greatly prefer if you contact me on Facebook and we NOT do the sale through Etsy. Why? Why, you ask? Because if we do this on Etsy I am going to end up charging ~$25 more to compensate for the absolutely insane fee hikes.  IS THIS NSFW??? I DON'T KNOW. It might be? Proceed with caution?! Anywho...I've done it. By popular demand (AKA that poll I posted on my Facebook months ago), I reverse-engineered the crochet pattern for the world-famous, super-seductive Titty Frog. If you're somehow unfamiliar with Titty Frog, please see the legendary image below. To the original creator of Titty Frog: I hope you don't mind that I want to share the joy of Titty Frog with the world. I also want to shake your hand. You are my hero. To the owners of Titty Frog: Thank you for te

Oswald the Octopus FREE Crochet Pattern

UPDATE 2/12/23: Just made some little changes to the format to make it more readable! It's been a while, kids. Here's a pretty easy and free pattern to make Oswald the Octopus! I may also make Weenie here soon-ish if anyone is interested. I used an F hook and worsted weight yarn to make a handful-sized Oswald. Use whatever hook and yarn you'd like. I also worked in black loops only! It's a weird preference and is not at all necessary for this pattern unless you want the same texture. Body With blue, ch 2; Rnd 1: work 7 sc into 2 nd ch from hook (7); Rnd 2: inc in each st around (14); Rnd 3: * sc, inc, repeat from * around (21); Rnd 4: * 2 sc, inc, repeat from * around (28); Rnd 5: * 3 sc, inc, repeat from * around (35); Place your stitch marker now, if you haven’t already. Unless you want to live on the edge. Rnd 6: * 4 sc, inc, repeat from * around (42); Rnd 7: * 5 sc, inc, repeat from * around (49); Rnd 8: sc around (49); Rnd 9: * 6 sc, inc, repea