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Prepare Your Body for Game of Thrones Season 6 With These Colorwork Charts

UPDATE 2/8/23: These are so enormous. I think I have the brain capacity to make some slightly smaller, more versatile version of all of the sigils, but it's pretty daunting. There are a lot. I'm revamping and updating all sorts of old patterns, and I've put this task on the list, but it's a bit low on the list since these are free. It is ON the list though. Meanwhile, pop over to my Etsy to see what I've got available and check my commission status! All of these badass Game of Thrones house sigil grids are suitable for crochet, duplicate stitch, cross stitch, etc. etc. - whatever floats your needlework boat. Get creative and use them for whatever you want! To access the full-sized charts, you'll want to right-click and Open Link in New Tab (depending on your browser). Feel free to save the charts and make any necessary tweaks, just link back to this page or to my Facebook to give me a little credit. :D You can take a stab at making your own colorwork charts