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WIP Wednesday - A Splatoon Bobble Hat Update

UPDATE 2/6/23: I no longer stock Splatoon hats, PaPa hats, nor Noiz hats, but I will make them as custom orders! Check my custom order status on my Etsy ! You can also make your own bobble and sporty bobble Splatoon hats with this pattern ! My blog has been so neglected! I've been spending every waking hour making Phoenix Wright 'PaPa' hats  (also available without the button here ) and Noiz cosplay hats , which I think I mentioned in my last update...ages ago. I swear that I'll eventually get back into the habit of Free Pattern Fridays one day as well. I tried very hard to get some Splatoon Bobble Hats ready in time for Halloween, but a series of strange events occurred with fabric being out of stock, so on and so forth. I won't bore you with my excuses because I hate listening to excuses and I'm sure you do too. What can I do to make up for my failure to reach my own arbitrary deadline? A coupon code, of course! And I have actually made progress on

WIP Wednesday - Splatoon Bobble Hats

UPDATE 2/6/23: Splatoon hats were a wild ride. I don't stock them anymore, nor the Noiz hats, but of course, you can still get one as a custom order. To check my commission status just look at the announcement at the top of my Etsy shop ! You can also get the pattern for both regular bobble and sporty bobble hats here !  I've been horribly neglectful of my blog the last several weeks. I haven't had time for any Free Pattern Friday goodies and I'm only really working on one new project - Splatoon Bobble Hats! [Sidebar: I keep mispelling "bobble" as "booble" so, uh, oops? I usually catch it, but I'm unpredictable!] Hopefully, I'll have a few completed Bobble Hats in the shop next week and I'm going to add an expedited shipping upgrade option in case anyone needs one for Halloween. Completed hats will have tentacles and all of the brim accessories. I might also have tentacle-less hats as an option too because I haven't totally settl