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FREE KNITTING PATTERN(S) - Jerry Horne's Llama Mitts from Twin Peaks The Return Also A Llama Hat

UPDATE 2/12/23: Made some slight edits to make the pattern more readable! If you haven't made mittens or gloves with at thumb gusset before I don't recommend this pattern to you just yet. You're welcome to go for it, but it might get a little confusing. Jerry's mitts in the show are fingerless, but with individual finger holes. I'm not gonna lie, I absolutely hate making individual finger holes. I made these mitts in the good ol' bag lady style, which is less time and also doesn't make me irrationally angry. If you want to make fingers, please, feel free if you have the skillz and patience. I am an ill-tempered knitter. What You Need Size 2 DPNs (set of 4) - use larger needles for larger mitts, you may need to experiment a bit with needle size and gauge 2 stitch markers Stitch holder Fingering weight yarn in red, black, and blue Gauge: 7 sts/inch, 9 rows/inch My finished mitts measure about 3.25" at the wrist cuff and are about 5.5" in l