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  MRRRRRGGGRRRLLLLL! Today is the day! The day has finally arrived! MRRRGRRRGGLLLL! The Murloc Hood pattern is available to the masses! Grab yourself a thicc crochet hook and your favorite murloc colors and get this pattern! You can get it on Ko-Fi , Ravelry , or you can be weird and pay more for it on Etsy . I strongly encourage you to use Ko-Fi or Ravelry and also check out my Ko-Fi in general because I offer some cool monthly pattern subscriptions! As with all of my patterns, it is in US English, and here are the rest of the deets for you to get your murloc on. Mrrrrggglll! This is an INTERMEDIATE pattern because there’s a good bit of assembly and there are a lot of pieces, so get ready to do some sewing! It’s suitable for an adventurous beginner and it’s a good project to customize with all sorts of different color combinations! There are step-by-step pictures throughout and a bunch of extra pictures at the end of a finished hood. You can either work the main part of the hood with

FIRST Pattern Roundup of 2024!

Back in November , I started this, uh, unique theme, which I continued into December , and I am continuing now. Also, I hope you enjoy this extra eye-jarring banner I made. I think my banners are getting uglier and uglier. It's part of my brand. If you're new here, the theme is...I AM GOING THROUGH MY BOOKMARKS and deleting dead links and sharing the undead links with everyone else! Undead? Live, I mean. The LIVE links. It's a mix of knit and crochet since I do both and for years and years I've just been saving things in a folder called PATTERNS. Last month there were no knitting patterns that cropped up. lol All of the included images belong to the linked pages unless I have miraculously made the thing then I include a photo of mine, and I'll tell you so. Happy 2024, now let's get started with this month's roundup! Yee haw! Crochet Fox Patterns FREE and Paid Rounded up by Moogly    Well, it looks like the first entry of this roundup is another roundup, so