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Ranger-General Sylvanas Crochet Cosplay

UPDATE 2/12/23: I don't want to go into great detail about the decision to scrap Sylvanas. It was a recent one and it was not done lightly. To save you from a lot of angst, I'm just going to say that the more I looked at the word I'd done, the more I wished I'd used royal blue instead of navy.  The Recap: I started this idiotic/genius project over three years ago, but I worked on it very sporadically until about 9 months ago because I had no money because making things for people doesn't quite pay all the bills and also allow one to afford the shitloads of yarn and other things I needed for this personal project. I got a real job, so I had money, but then I had no time - the Great Adult Paradox, I suppose! I wanted to pull this off for DragonCon this year, but if you follow me on any social medias, you know that I worked on it nonstop and then even worked on it at the con and crashed and burned. I didn't have time for all of the detailing and I'm a huge

FREE KNITTING PATTERN: Jerry Horne's Mother's Hat from Twin Peaks the Return

UPDATE 2/12/23: This post fell victim to strange formatting when I did my blog theme change and I have now fixed it. I also failed to link my own Etsy .   UPDATE: I ordered some fab custom yarn from Lady Purl  and I knit the hat white carrying white yarn throughout. I got pretty darn close. Probably a third shot at it and I could get it perfect. I should have used a finer weight for the white yarn, I think. See the updated images at the bottom. ~~~ Making this hat is easy, finding the right yarn is hard. I cannot find hideous variegated yarns that are correct for my life. The color sequence of the five purl sections from bottom up is: green, brown, red, blue, purple from what I can tell, followed by a knit crown repeating the colors, but the catch is that they're all variegated with white and some other mess, which is proving difficult to recreate with accuracy. Pictures of the hat I made are included after the pattern. I even tried some ombre yarn for shits and giggles/out

FREE KNITTING PATTERN(S) - Jerry Horne's Llama Mitts from Twin Peaks The Return Also A Llama Hat

UPDATE 2/12/23: Made some slight edits to make the pattern more readable! If you haven't made mittens or gloves with at thumb gusset before I don't recommend this pattern to you just yet. You're welcome to go for it, but it might get a little confusing. Jerry's mitts in the show are fingerless, but with individual finger holes. I'm not gonna lie, I absolutely hate making individual finger holes. I made these mitts in the good ol' bag lady style, which is less time and also doesn't make me irrationally angry. If you want to make fingers, please, feel free if you have the skillz and patience. I am an ill-tempered knitter. What You Need Size 2 DPNs (set of 4) - use larger needles for larger mitts, you may need to experiment a bit with needle size and gauge 2 stitch markers Stitch holder Fingering weight yarn in red, black, and blue Gauge: 7 sts/inch, 9 rows/inch My finished mitts measure about 3.25" at the wrist cuff and are about 5.5" in l

Free Ouija Board Knitting/Crochet Colorwork Chart For Summoning Yarn Demons

UPDATE 2/12/23: I will tell you all a brief story about this. Ahem. I made this many years ago (2018) and I posted it on Facebook , which is my custom whenever I make a new thing. I may or may not have even shared it to my personal Facebook because sometimes I'm lazy. Somehow though, word that I'd made this, got back to my EvAnGeLiCaL grandmother. Needless to say, madness ensued. Who told her, I never found out. The WoollyRhinoCrafts' page is public, so, I mean, it could have been anyone. But the story does not end there!   My grandmother recently passed away and I have been tasked with going through her hoards. She wasn't a Hoarders-level hoarder, but she saved a lot of paper. She also did not organize anything so I've had to go through every single paper to make sure nothing is important (99.9% of it is literal garbage), but I came across a list. At the top of the list read "Michelle Facebook." And this list contained many, many things I had posted whi

FREE Crochet Pattern - Molly Hayes' Crochet Cat Hat from Runaways TV Show

UPDATE 2/11/23: Added a little note about BLO, which for some reason I always forget all the time, but as a general rule, if you have known me for a while, you know I have a weird BLO preference. I just like the way it looks! IDK! Follow me on Facebook for updates and other stuff! Free stuff! And check out my Etsy to buy stuff! Check out my Ko-Fi for patterns! Molly wears a knit cat hat in episode 1 of Runaways, but let's forget that hat for right now. The superior hat from the first season is the crochet cat hat that she wears in a couple of the later episodes. If you're interested in the knit hat from episode 1 then stick around because I'm going to get to it, I promise! It just might take me a while on account of real life job. NB: Before you get started, I used a J hook and the hat stitches came out a bit looser than intended. I recommend dropping down to an H or I, but be careful not to get so tight that it interferes with the sizing. This pattern is fo