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Free Ouija Board Knitting/Crochet Colorwork Chart For Summoning Yarn Demons

UPDATE 2/12/23: I will tell you all a brief story about this. Ahem. I made this many years ago (2018) and I posted it on Facebook , which is my custom whenever I make a new thing. I may or may not have even shared it to my personal Facebook because sometimes I'm lazy. Somehow though, word that I'd made this, got back to my EvAnGeLiCaL grandmother. Needless to say, madness ensued. Who told her, I never found out. The WoollyRhinoCrafts' page is public, so, I mean, it could have been anyone. But the story does not end there!   My grandmother recently passed away and I have been tasked with going through her hoards. She wasn't a Hoarders-level hoarder, but she saved a lot of paper. She also did not organize anything so I've had to go through every single paper to make sure nothing is important (99.9% of it is literal garbage), but I came across a list. At the top of the list read "Michelle Facebook." And this list contained many, many things I had posted whi