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Saruman's Beverage Sleeve - FREE KNITTING PATTERN - Includes Colorwork Chart

UPDATE 2/7/23: Oh, man, why didn't I make a solid black cozy and then duplicate stitch the hand?! This chart is definitely valid for duplicate stitch and you could totally put it on a knit beanie! After a slightly intoxicated Facebook discussion, a friend of mine suggested I make him a beer coozie with the Hand of Saruman on it. As usual, I said, "Ok. I can do that." Then I did it. This rad beverage sleeve was made with bottles and cans in mind, but it can be easily modified to be a coffee sleeve. It will fit your typical 12 oz cans and regular-shaped bottles. Feel free to also use it for soda or those weird cans of Dasani water that taste like garbage. Also feel free to use the chart for other projects (including crochet), but I appreciate credit in the form of a link back to this pattern or shoutout to my Facebook page or Etsy ! I made the sleeve flat and then seamed it so I could get a good look at the hand and make any necessary tweaks to the chart. You can

FREE Terrier Dog Colorwork Chart - Suitable For Knitting or Crochet

UPDATE 2/6/23: This will totally work for c2c and duplicate stitch. The hat I made with it is not the best because the colorway was wild. lol     I made this chart for a sort of slouchy knit hat. I suppose this dog is some sort of terrier. I was shooting for a Scottish Terrier, but it looked way bad. The hat I made was a late birthday present because I am the worst friend in the world.  I wanted to try out some Caron Simply Soft Ombre and the end result on the dogs was pretty ridiculous. imo, but it looked cool for the rows of argyle above and below the dogs. Maybe use a solid color for your dogs. This chart will work for other knitting projects as well as crochet. I put some stitches between each dog on the hat I made, but the chart will work with no stitches between (but it'll look like the dogs are sniffing each others' butts). Do what you want with it! Check out some other free charts and patterns here ! And as always, give my Facebook page a like. If y

FREE Yurikuma Paw Print Motif Crochet and Knitting Chart

UPDATE 2/6/23: As with (almost) all of my patterns, you can commission things from me that involve them. To see if my commissions are open, just pop over to my Etsy shop ! If you've seen the bizarrely wonderful anime Yurikuma Arashi  you surely remember the paw print motif that was all over the place. Well, unless you're someone that doesn't notice recurring patterns. It was on the Wall of Severance and also in the background during each Kuma Shock. This chart -should- be continuous on all four sides if my brain was working correctly when I made it. Line it up. Stack it. Repeat it however many times. I haven't tested it at all, so it might end up a total disaster and I may have just lied to you. If you work it in the round for a hat or something you need to be mindful of the jogging at the start of each round for sure because it'll be right down the middle of a paw. Enjoy! And if you make a thing with this chart, feel free to share it on my Facebook ! Also

Finishing Up Nisha + Full Costume Test Session

UPDATE 2/6/23: Corrected some formatting issues and putting this here so I know I checked this post! lolol After DragonCon I hope to get back in the grove of Free Pattern Friday for real - at least a colorwork chart each week if not a complete pattern. I wrapped up both of my cosplays this year way early, but I've mostly just been working on stocking the shop for the impending hat season(!). This means I'm not really making any new or interesting things at the moment. I'm taking it easy until after the con, you see. Following this year's adventure, I'll be doing a full write up for both Sweater Saturn as well as Nisha for my main website  for those of you interested. I personally enjoy reading about other peoples' processes for ideas, etc. etc. My write-ups are pretty fun because I screw up a lot and they often contain many hilarious DO NOT DO THIS LIKE I DID tips. lololol Until then, here's a quick summary of the final parts of my Nisha costume and

Sailor Saturn Crochet Boots Tutorial

UPDATE 2/6/23: Just made some formatting adjustments to this fine, fine post.   Poof = yarn and time NOTE: This is not a pattern because... I really enjoy finding excuses to use this picture. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I didn't write down numbers of stitches nor numbers of rows for ANYTHING. I wrote down measurements and more measurements. And drew pictures. With measurements. Then did a whole lot of measuring. Crochet a row, stop, measure, decide if I need any increases or decreases, repeat. The boots were marginally more simple, but equally time-consuming. What Is This Then? This is me explaining to you what I did to make my very specific boots and how I made them to fit my specific feet. Your task, if you choose to accept it, is to extrapolate this mighty knowledge to create your own boots. Sailor Saturn's boots are unique among the scouts. Different scouts have different shoes. Know yer shoes, kids!  You should be able to do this with pre