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FREE KNITTING PATTERN: Jerry Horne's Mother's Hat from Twin Peaks the Return

UPDATE 2/12/23: This post fell victim to strange formatting when I did my blog theme change and I have now fixed it. I also failed to link my own Etsy .   UPDATE: I ordered some fab custom yarn from Lady Purl  and I knit the hat white carrying white yarn throughout. I got pretty darn close. Probably a third shot at it and I could get it perfect. I should have used a finer weight for the white yarn, I think. See the updated images at the bottom. ~~~ Making this hat is easy, finding the right yarn is hard. I cannot find hideous variegated yarns that are correct for my life. The color sequence of the five purl sections from bottom up is: green, brown, red, blue, purple from what I can tell, followed by a knit crown repeating the colors, but the catch is that they're all variegated with white and some other mess, which is proving difficult to recreate with accuracy. Pictures of the hat I made are included after the pattern. I even tried some ombre yarn for shits and giggles/out