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March 2024 Pattern Roundup!

This is probably, most likely, definitely my fault. I seem to have accidentally, um, sorted my bookmarks so they are no longer in the order I was working from to clean out the folder and make these blog posts. lololol whoops! This is sort of hilarious and also sort of not. I'm going to try not to repeat patterns I already shared, but I make no promises and it's not the end of the world if I do, right? My main concern is that I'm now going to bypass broken links that need to be removed and not actually clean up my booksmarks very well. hahaha Check out last month's roundup for more patterns and the links to all of the other posts in this series. I don't feel like going through and finding all of the links for this post because I'm pretty dismayed by my bookmarks no longer being in the order they were in. But let's not talk about that anymore. Shh shhh. Let's just get into the patterns I picked for this month. I only did three, again, because of the disma