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Some Updates!

UPDATE 2/1/23: This is another thing I am very proud of. I really want to get back into cosplay. I always had a great time at DragonCon. I'm sort of old now and I do not care for the youngsters. lol If you're here, then go take a look at my Etsy inventory or visit my Ko-Fi page !   I'll get back to my regular posting of WIP Wednesdays and hopefully some more Free Pattern Fridays after Dragon*Con! Also after Dragon*Con I'll be doing TWO giveaways. There will be one on Facebook and one on Tumblr, so you'll have two chances to win (but you can't win both!). I've already gotten started on some of the giveaway items in the downtime I have between painting sections of my Zer0 suit. Speaking of the Zer0 suit - here are some pictures of the details! I'm currently finishing up work on the back then I'm doing the head last. I'm also working on the class mods that go on his elbows and a Storm Front grenade. I'll also have The Bee for my shiel

FREE Katniss Cowl-Shawl-Shoulder-Thing Pattern

UPDATE 2/1/23: I skimmed this during my great blog housekeeping mission of 2023 and it looks good! It is at least a good starting point for anyone trying to make this thing! If you want to drop me a few dollars on Ko-Fi then it's appreciated so I can keep doing free stuff! Here's the complete pattern from start to finish of that mysterious article of clothing Katniss is wearing at the beginning of Catching Fire. Is it s half-vest? Is it a weird stole? Is it a cowl? Is it a strange scarf with an arm-hole? Whatever it is, people seem to like it. I made one as a commission for a friend's cosplay and I documented the adventure. There are definitely lots of ways to tweak this pattern that I, of course, thought of after I'd finished. Feel free to use this however you would like and make modifications as you see fit. I'd appreciate a link back either to this post or to my  Etsy shop ! I hope you can also understand what I'm attempting to communicate as well. My f

Turtle and Bear Beam Guardian Scarf AKA This Scarf Took Forever

UPDATE 2/1/23: This is of course no longer available, I also priced it horrendously low and looking over these posts has made me painfully aware of how stupid I was. I even acknowledge how long this took and yet...and yet! Lesson learned, but anywho. Check out my current Etsy inventory. At the moment, I have no Dark Tower stuff, but I am seriously considering doing some more, and I will absolutely be making the Beam Guardian animal patterns available, hopefully this month! Follow me on Facebook for the latest updates!  If the Crimson King has been sitting on the balcony of the Dark Tower knitting Beam Guardian scarves it's absolutely no wonder that he wanted to tear the Beams down. I too, at this point, totally want to to cause time and space to crumble. This scarf is awesome. Making it was less awesome. What a drag knitting big ass scarves is. Big ass scarves take much time and much yarn. It was really dismaying when I kept running out of yarn and having to go get ONE MORE SK

Zer0's Sword AKA How Not To Make A Prop

UPDATE 2/1/23: This is actually a very good post and I'm really proud of this messy, disaster of a project. I honestly had no idea what I was doing. All these years later of course I can think of 9786 things I would do different to improve it.   Going back over these posts really makes me want to get back into cosplaying again. Maybe one day I'll go to DragonCon again! Until then, check out my Ko-Fi page and buy things from me on Etsy !   As long as you don't look too closely at this sword it looks pretty good. The EL wire also really helps to distract from all of my epic screw ups. This sword is definitely a Monet (it's really pretty from far away, but when you get up close it's urrrghhh). Yay for self-deprecation and Clueless references! My goal for all of my cosplay is always to make things as cool as possible for as cheap as possible. For this sword the only things I technically bought where a sheet of acrylic, the EL wire, a can of spray paint and som

Finishing the Katniss Cowl-Thing

UPDATE 2/1/23: If you're here then what you probably want is actually the finished version of this pattern, which is here . I don't know why I didn't update this to include a new link to the finished version after I did the completed post lol Listen, go to my Ko-Fi and also visit my Etsy shop . Buy things. Give me money so that I can keep doing things for free. If I have to get a real job then that means there will be no free patterns because real jobs make me crippling depressed and I have no time to do things I enjoy. When I do have time to do things I enjoy, all of the happiness has been sucked out of me and I do not have the energy to do things I enjoy.  I wrapped up the the Katniss cowl commission this weekend. It turned out to be less work than I'd anticipated in my previous post and I'm pretty excited about it. I almost want to make one for myself to wear around for laughs. It's comfortable and also seems to be durable. I tested it thoroughly by wearin