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Sailor Moon Planetary Symbols FREE Colorwork Charts

UPDATE 2/8/23: I can totally do smaller versions of these! Smaller is better! Versatility! Make sure you're following me on Facebook for the latest updates, so you know when I get the smaller versions done! I've been catching up on Sailor Stars, you guys. I also intend to one day reread the manga that I haven't read since middle school when my brain wasn't even formed. These should be viable for knit and crochet projects, as well as other needlework. Click on the images for larger versions and feel free to share if you make something rad! Please give credit if used and link back here to spread the colorwork grid love! Yeah, I totally didn't do a crescent moon. I'll get to that... Check out my Facebook  and Etsy Store ! Happy crafting in the name of the moon and whatever. XOXOX

Sporty Bobble Hats and Some Other Updates

UPDATE 2/8/23: I no longer stock these hats in my shop . You can absolutely request a custom one, but I NO LONGER include the patches on the brim of the sporty bobbles, pins on the regular bobbles, NOR any sort of tentacles. These extras are just not cost effective. I have yet to find a single person willing to compensate me adequately for the time it takes to do these things. My pin supplies also no longer supplies me pins, so pins are out for that reason. Sorry for being salty! For real though. You can also now just make your own! Get the pattern here ! This post is long overdue! I apologize for my absence, but I got a huge influx of custom orders and now I've been trying valiantly to restock. [ Shop here! ] Splatoon Sporty Bobble Hats Over the holidays I had several inquiries about Sporty Bobbles. I simply didn't have time to flesh out the pattern between assorted custom requests, but I finally managed to squeeze one in a few weeks ago during a very brief lull. I&