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FREE Kuchi Kopi from Bob's Burgers Crochet Pattern

UPDATE 2/8/23: I corrected some weird formatting! Also, if you make these, do not sell them unless you're doing it privately. Not because I care, but because Fox will send you a cease and desist order immediately. I know from experience. I'm so proud of getting cease and desists from so many huge companies when I'm selling something for $20 that takes hours to make. Incredible! As promised. Here's Kuchi Kopi! When finished he's about 6" tall. My gauge was about 5sts/in and 4 rows/in. If you want to make him bigger or smaller I recommend using a different sized hook. What You Need: size F hook yarn needle stitch marker worsted or aran yarn (I used Caron Simply Soft in pistachio, white, black and turquoise) some sorta stuffing What You Need To Know How To Do (+ Abbreviations): ch: chain sc: single crochet st/sts: stitch/stitches rnd/rnds: round/rounds sewing to attach parts NOW BEGIN! I worked in back loops only, but you don't need to u

FREE Louise Belcher Ears Hat Knitting Pattern From Bob's Burgers Oh My God

UPDATE 2/8/23: I'd like to do a version of this where the ears aren't seamed and are, like, weird socks. Or, you know, made like socks. Like...toe-up socks? Do you all know what I mean? I can't words today. I've put it on my list of to-do stuff in my big 2023 update extravaganza.   I just blasted through every episode of Bob's Burgers very quickly. I'm not going to tell you how many days it took because it's sort of embarrassing. Several people told me to watch this show. Repeatedly. Over the years. "You'll really like it, Michelle!" they said. "It's right up your alley, Michelle!" they said. "You love fart jokes!" they said. Everything said was true, but I'm a filthy hipster and I refused to watch it simply because so many people insisted that I would like it. I ran out of things to watch, so I put it on and prepared myself to like it. Because I knew I would. Everyone said I would. Everyone is alw