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FREE Crochet Pattern - The Fox Plush from The Little Prince

UPDATE 2/8/23: Formatting got weird when I change my blog theme and I have now fixed it!     UPDATED: 10/3/22, for clarity!   You can now get a printable PDF version of this as a PAY WHAT YOU WANT pattern on my Ko-Fi here .     The finished Fox is about 23" from nose to tail. My gauge was approx. 4 sts/inch and 4 rows/inch and I chose to stuff the body and tail rather loosely, legs a bit more firm, but it's up to you. I like a floppy Fox. In The Little Prince (the Netflix movie version), Plushy Fox has orange ears with white inside and the black just around the edge. I chose to make my original Foxes (pictured to the right) with just black ears for silly aesthetic reasons, but you can easily sub in your orange for the backs of your Fox's ears. The new Fox I made had movie-accurate ears (below).   If you're not a crafty-type person, you stumbled across this pattern, and you want a Fox, don't hesitate to message me via Facebook . I'm pretty friendly and