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Mood Blanket Challenge: Day 54

UPDATE 2/5/23: I love the random posts about this where I was really enthusiastically spiteful. I only did this project because I had so much scrap yarn. I hate waste. I hate wasting ANYTHING. It's part of my charm. You know what else is charming af? Buying things from my Etsy shop or becoming a monthly subscriber to my Ko-Fi . You know what is NOT charming af? That I have to do this awful self-promotion.  Day 54?! Whoa...did I maths right? That's three whole rows. This last row was a lot of pastels and, uh, browns. This thing is getting more and more random and I can't wait to put it to use when it's done. To recap, I'm making basic SEXY YARN squares in whatever color or colors I feel like using from either my scrap yarn bin or from whatever other project I'm working at the time. I'm joining them with a run of the mill sc join in black and then doing an sc border around each row then joining each row again with the sc join. I think this is creating some

Mood Blanket Challenge: Day 47

UPDATE 2/5/23: That kickass blue ombre square is Bernat Handicrafter, isn't it? Is that still a colorway they do? I could look it up but I'm not going to right now. I'd love to use it for some of my current projects, which you can get a better gander of on Facebook . I'll do this research later.  I sort of took this last week off from yarncrafting. I still worked on my super sexy yarn squares though, of course. Row 3 is coming along nicely and I did some repeating in this row. I not only used a color I used in the first row, but I had some temporary color blindness and I used it twice in the third row...a day apart. Whatever! Crapghans FTW! I made a pretty cool square out of the little bit of Moondance ombre that I had. It might be my favorite square yet. Just look at it. Wow. Such ombre! So gradient! Anywho. I did a little work on my pleated skirt for my crochet Sailor Saturn cosplay. I hope to finish up the skirt this week. When it's done, you can expect

Mood Blanket Challenge: Day 40

UPDATE 2/5/23: Well, this post had some weird formatting. I really don't know why some posts had weird formatting and some did not. Did I copy/pasta from another document or something? I really don't know, but it's why I'm here and doing this and literally looking at every single blog post I have ever done on this blog. I'm not totally sure how to fix the formatting of this post because I cannot find what's causing it in the HTML. I am a jack of all trades, master of none (which is a fun way to say I have ADHD, amirite?). Anywho, let me learn you something about blogs. They are covered with ads for ad revenue for the posts (e.g. my free patterns) that people visit a lot, then the other posts are WORDS WORDS WORDS for the search robots, so that there are lots of links to my Etsy shop floating around the internet.  I think the images are what blast the formatting to hell. Maybe. Or at least it has to do with them.   I've got two rows and then four very brig

WIP Wednesday...On Thursday!

UPDATE 2/5/23: Why did I not include pertinent links in this very lengthy post?! I absolutely knew how to do SEO and how to use a blog for marketing at the time that I wrote this! I mean, it makes me feel dirty even to this day, but it's for the internet search robots! For the robots! Shop now ! Side-note: I still have my entire Nisha costume, except...Lawbringer? My gun? Where my gun go? Nisha is one of my favorite video game characters of all time btw. I love me some Borderlands.  I meant to do a WIP Wednesday post on, you know, Wednesday. But I was busy actually doing the things I was going to post about. So here goes, a day late! Furry Beast Hats Remember that panda hat I made a week or so ago? If not, whatever, here's a picture. I'm making some more critter hats out of all of this Fun Fur. Fun Fur sales, man. The brown hat is going to be a deer with cute little antlers and probably the same big, goofy eyes as the panda. The white hat was going to be a unicorn bec

Mood Blanket Challenge: Day 33

UPDATE 2/5/23: Is that treble crochet? What did I do for these squares? I could go look at the blanket, but I don't feel like getting up. I've gotten a lot better about not saving useless tiny amounts of yarn, EXCEPT black and white because I sometimes use that for stitching eyes and such. When I get near the end of a skein, I ask myself: Is this enough for a granny square? If not, I Marie Kondo it and yeet it into the trash. If you're here and you think I am entertaining, then please visit my Etsy shop and/or my Ko-Fi page . If you really want to get weird then I also have a Twitch . I am smokin' hot. Such a snacc.  The second row will be done this week! The end of January also saw some exciting sexy squares and I used a couple variegated yarns this week too.  Let me explain what mood each square represents so that you can get a better understanding of my fluctuating emotional state. Day 28: This square is three colors. Why did I save these tiny, useless scraps