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And Then I Asked ChatGPT To Make a Macho Man Randy Savage Crochet Pattern...

Yesterday I posted about ChatGPT's valiant attempt to write a crochet pattern for a plushie Slenderman . The result was not very slender and also not really any sort of man. More of a weird, moderately unnerving Pokemon. You can see "Slenderman" right there in the image next to "Macho Man." I don't even really know what to say about "Macho Man." He's mostly naked, bald, and I don't think ChatGPT knows what a bandana is. I also don't know what's up with the arm and leg bands. Are those the elbows and knees? I aim to find out while also trying to help this AI become self-aware because I crave the end of humanity. That aside. If you would like to make yourself an AI-generated "Macho Man," here is the pattern as given to me. I'll mess around with this some more next week. Maybe do a little once a week AI pattern monstrosity post. Materials:      Tan yarn      Black yarn      Red yarn      3.5 mm crochet hook     

I Asked ChatGPT To Make a Slenderman Crochet Pattern

The results were...something. Unsettling? Charming? Definitely not Slenderman, but not really anything else either? Some sort of Pokemon? Here's the pattern, as it was given to me by my AI friend ChatGPT, if you'd also like to make this "Slenderman." Materials: Black yarn White yarn 3.5 mm crochet hook Fiberfill stuffing Yarn needle Scissors Abbreviations: ch = chain sc = single crochet inc = increase (two single crochets in one stitch) dec = decrease (single crochet two stitches together) Body: With black yarn, ch 2 Round 1: 6 sc in second ch from hook (6) Round 2: 2 sc in each st around (12) Round 3: [sc, inc] around (18) Round 4: [2 sc, inc] around (24) Round 5: [3 sc, inc] around (30) Round 6-10: sc around (30) Round 11: [3 sc, dec] around (24) Round 12: [2 sc, dec] around (18) Begin stuffing the body. Round 13: [sc, dec] around (12) Round 14: dec around (6) Fasten off and weave in ends. Arms (Make 2): With black yarn, ch 2 Round 1: 6 sc in second ch from hook (6)

UPDATED Dalek Hats Crochet Pattern!

I finally got around to doing one of the numerous things that I had planned to do at the start of this year! I updated one of my very old patterns! The Dalek Hats! And this is just in time for the new Doctor Who! I went through and improved the pattern, tweaking the sizing, and I added more details to the written pattern and some additional images of the new version of the hats. The last section of the pattern is text-only for those people that like to print their patterns! AND I also made a few videos to go along with the pattern, which you can find on my YouTube channel , which I hope to update more frequently with more and more fun (weird, unhinged) tutorials.  Anyway, I don't want to ramble too much, so you can find links to the updated Dalek Hats pattern below:  Crochet Dalek Hats on Ko-Fi Crochet Dalek Hats on Ravelry I kept the pattern the same price, although it is much more detailed now (just $5 USD). It includes both the classic Dalek design and the newer paradigm Dalek,

Monthly (Crochet) Pattern Round-Up! APRIL AXOLOTLS

**EDIT 4/15/23: I totally know that I spelled axolotls wrong in the graphic. I just don't care and I'm not changing it because 2023 is the year of me being unhinged af. There are A LOT of axolotl patterns floating around. AxoLOTl of patterns, if you will. all know that I also love alliteration so April...and Axolotls just goes together, right? If you don't know about axolotls then let me give you some QUICK ANIMAL FACTS: Axolotls are a weird type of salamander, which is an amphibian. Most amphibians (e.g. frogs, mudpuppies, more common lizard-looking salamanders, etc.) go through different stages as they develop - eggs, tadpoles, adulthood, and they move onto land as adults. Axolotls don't do this. They never move onto land. They are aquatic as adults and they keep their gills looking like cute babies forever. The frilly things on their heads are their gills btw. There are some other species of salamanders that remain aquatic as well, but I digress. Axolotls