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November Pattern Round-Up!

There's a theme this month! It doesn't look like it, but let me explain! The theme is... I'm going through all of the bookmarks in my Patterns folder to see which links are still good and I'm going to share them! This is going to be an ongoing theme unless I take a break to do a more...themed...theme. This will allow me to always have round-up goodies on hand and I've needed to clean up my bookmarks for the last 8 years (maybe more...probably more, yeah). I think most of these are free patterns and it's an assortment of knit and crochet. I'm just going down what I've got in order and we'll see what lands here each month! How exciting! All images belong to their respective owners and I pulled them from the pages unless otherwise stated and we come upon a pattern I've made. Let's goooo! Crochet Fox Bonnet from Moogly FREE Pattern by Stacey Williams of Busting Stitches