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FREE PATTERN! Benjamin Crochet Ragdoll!

Hey, it looks like I managed to do a FREE PATTERN FRIDAY and finish this free pattern on a Friday! You can snag a PDF version here . It's pay-what-you-want, starting at $3, and the PDF version does have a few more pictures for AdDeD vAluE or whatever, also no ads like this dear, sweet blog. PSA: Remember, kids, I can't make free stuff if people don't sometimes also buy stuff. Capitalism is yikes forever! xoxox Anyway, this is Benjamin, who I've been meaning to make for a while. I made the Mr. Midnight doll from Fran Bow (pattern here ) and then I really wanted to make Benjamin from Little Misfortune but it took me forever to get to him. After a bunch of thought, I decided to make a ragdoll version to capture his weird 2D-ness in the game, which is part of the game's charm. I might revisit him and make a fully 3D version a bit later. I have plans to try and get the Galacticat and Parsecpooch patterns from Starfield done before the holidays so people can make them a

SPOOKY Pattern Round-Up!

Not gonna lie - I'm about to feature a lot of my own stuff in this round-up BECAUSE I LOVE SPOOKY SEASON. Also, this is my blog and I'll do what I want. I have a hard time promoting my own stuff, so I'm going to try doing it like this and see if it works? I don't know. Anyway, let's get spooky! With some knitting AND crochet! I really want to do more round-ups with both or more consistently alternate between the two. I'm trying to figure stuff out and I appreciate everyone along for the ride with me. First, let me mention my Monthly Ko-Fi Member Exclusives for October! I made 5 GHOST Pokemon c2c charts this month! I usually only do 3, but again, I LOVE SPOOKY SEASON. I also love ghost type Pokemon. For $3/month you get new monthly c2c charts as well as some other goodies, so it's worth checking out, if I do say so myself! It's a sweet deal. This month you get Haunter, Gengar, Sableye, Shuppet, and Litwick! Go scope out my Ko-Fi here , where you can sign