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FREE Crochet Pattern - Baby Yoda (The Child) from The Mandalorian

UPDATE 2/12/23: Cleaned up the pattern a little for readability and added a note about how I weirdly work BLO for no logical reason.  There are a million Baby Yoda patterns floating around and now there are a million and one because I wanted to make a bigger version in a simplified, derpy style. I figure this might also be up someone else's alley and hot damn it's the holidays so, of course, it's free (also the Mouse Detective is the most aggressive of the copyright police...I know from experience. lolz). Enjoy! Feel free to modify this pattern as you see fit, but link back here to share the joy and, you know, give me a little credit.  Mine turned out about 8" tall and 13" across at the widest point AKA the ears. I used Caron Simply Soft except for the light brown which is Radheart Supa Sava! Super Saver is a little thicker than Simply Soft and you want the collar and the cuffs to be a little chunkier. Heck, you can use the same color brown if you want. I us