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Dark Tower Beam Guardian Scarf - Turtle and Bear

UPDATE 2/1/23: Why did I not include my Etsy link anywhere in this post? I'm constantly confused by a lot of my old blog posts. The point of this blog was to drive traffic to my page to make money? And yet there are so many posts that do not contain the links to get to the places to give me the money. lololol I WILL ABSOLUTELY be FINALLY making the Beam Guardian animal patterns available. If you want the latest updates, you need to follow me on Facebook .  I'm really happy with how the second Beam Guardian scarf turned out. It's longer than I meant for it to be (coming in at 66" without the fringe). I kept psyching myself out thinking it was too short. There's nothing worse than a stumpy scarf, amirite??  I meant for it to be between 55" and 60" then overshot a good bit. With the 5" fringe on either end it's a pretty lengthy piece. It's 7" wide and making it less wide would make the Guardians a pain in the ass, so I'm settled on

Lantern Corps Crochet Beanies

UPDATE 1/26/23: Blog posts are supposed to be full of words! There are barely any words here! I knew better! Gosh! You can get all of these charts for FREE right here ! I don't have any of these in stock in my shop at the moment, and I don't plan on restocking them, but you can absolutely request a custom order! My skills have improved over the years and a new Lantern Corps hats would be superior to these, I assure you! Honestly, I'd machine knit a solid hat and then do the symbol in duplicate stitch. The charts above would absolutely work! They'd also work for c2c if you wanted to make a Lantern Corps blanket or something. Check out my paid patterns on Ravelry and if you're interested in a cool monthly subscription then head over to my Ko-Fi ! Get yours here now while supplies last! There's only one of each and I can also make them in custom sizes and vary the colors a bit too - like if you want the Blue Lantern to be blue on black or something. 

What The Rhino Has Been Up To...!

UPDATE 2/1/23: Hot damn! How did I pay my bills selling hats for $20 each! Lord have mercy! This was insanity! The patterns for all of these hats are FREE right here !  Go check out my, now sensibly-priced Etsy inventory!  I'll hopefully get back to my regular blog updates soon (including Free Pattern Friday!). I've been working a whole lot on the super cool, super secret items that will be part of my upcoming Tumblr and Facebook giveaways. Ok, so they're not really super secret. Here a picture of the epic hat stack. Some need pom poms and others need some earflaps. Heck yes, I'm making some laplanders. Who doesn't love a laplander? I've also been working on a handful of custom hats for friends and, of course, the Lantern Corps beanies. Once I finish up these giveaway hats I'm going to sit down and put on serious pants and go ahead and finish up the next Beam Guardian scarf before winter hits. Lantern Corps Beanies I finished up Black Lantern tonig

DragonCon: The Recovery

Update 2/1/23: I have nothing to add to this post. I just want to acknowledge that I looked at it while I was looking at all of my other old posts. Take a look at my current Etsy inventory! MAN, I FEEL LIKE I GOT HIT BY THE MARTA. I met some cool people this year, including another girl that whipped up an awesome Zer0 suit (whose name I have of course forgotten), and I had a run in with Tricia Helfer in the Marriott. Here are some pictures. I'll link to the "official" Borderlands photoshoot pics as soon as they're up. If you were unaware, I'm really short. I also seem to put myself next to tall people which exacerbates this fact. On the left is Caitlin from Contagious Costuming as X-23.  Here is the other Zer0 I talked to (to the right) and some pictures from the photoshoot. I'm pretty sure we were discussing our sword construction techniques. She was also much taller than me. My handler only snapped a few pics at the photoshoot. If I take my