Last-Minute DragonConning - Destiny Hunter Cosplay WIP

UPDATE 2/7/23: What a fun time!

Having finished my two DragonCon cosplays with some weeks to spare apparently made me look very available to help someone mere days before we leave for Atlanta. There won't be a free knitting or crochet pattern this week, pals - because I have been spending every waking hour working on someone else's costume - a hunter from Destiny.

Thankfully, she had fabricated most everything already and just brought it over. She also had a (horribly made) gun molded, which I'll rant about in a later post. My job has largely been painting, which is something I enjoy. I also sewed a cloak. I don't enjoy sewing, but I'm pleased enough with it. I've been watching Project Runway, which has instilled me with confidence? I did some draping shit, which looks alright.

Today, because we have reached the eleventh hour, I've been doing assembly of some of the pieces and still painting. Painting. Painting. I may or may not have put more work into her costume than she did at this point. lololol

I'm not complaining! I'm making jokes. I really enjoy assorted crafting and this has been a lot of fun. I unfortunately had plans to play video games and be lazy, but nevermind that! I wish she had approached me sooner so I could have gone about all of this at the leisurely pace I prefer when costuming, so that I could still waste time playing video games and write better blog posts than this one. Plus if I had more time it would also be even more

The color scheme she wanted isn't a color scheme at all. I worked with her specifications, which varied a bit from what I would have done personally. My OCD doesn't like when things don't match and I'm also a big fan of making completed armor sets - not bits and pieces of different gear. But it's what she wanted! Everything still looks pretty cool. And I wouldn't have chosen to do the Mantle of Gheleon at all. Honestly, I would have done a warlock instead of a hunter. lulz

Pictures! Most are WIP shots. I'll get some complete shots when we're there and write-up some more details for those of you that care. You all know I love cell-shading, but I tried to tone it down since Destiny isn't Borderlands.

And remember, friends: Nisha during the day and Sailor Saturn at night! Friday night I'll be handler for Jarman Props' glorious foam kantus - come say hi to both of us! I may also be giving out crocheted Sailor Moon tiaras (while supplies last). *wink wink*

Happy making shit! Enjoy Labor Day, my fellow 'Merricans, etc. etc.


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