WIP Wednesday - Splatoon Bobble Hats

UPDATE 2/6/23: Splatoon hats were a wild ride. I don't stock them anymore, nor the Noiz hats, but of course, you can still get one as a custom order. To check my commission status just look at the announcement at the top of my Etsy shop!

You can also get the pattern for both regular bobble and sporty bobble hats here

I've been horribly neglectful of my blog the last several weeks. I haven't had time for any Free Pattern Friday goodies and I'm only really working on one new project - Splatoon Bobble Hats!

[Sidebar: I keep mispelling "bobble" as "booble" so, uh, oops? I usually catch it, but I'm unpredictable!]

Hopefully, I'll have a few completed Bobble Hats in the shop next week and I'm going to add an expedited shipping upgrade option in case anyone needs one for Halloween. Completed hats will have tentacles and all of the brim accessories. I might also have tentacle-less hats as an option too because I haven't totally settled on a fabric. The first few will be fleece. I love fleece, but I don't think it's cost-effective and I live in America where the only thing that matters is money. ;)

At the moment there are two failed hats in the shop, a turquoise hat and an orange hat. Each are $15 + shipping. They're fun, pointy hats! Fine hats for, you know, keeping your head warm. $15 is hella cheap for a handmade hat, kids. The holidays are coming.

These Bobble Hats have been slow coming, not due to any particular difficulty, but because I keep having to stop to make Phoenix Wright 'Papa' hats! As soon as I get them in the shop, they sell out and it's an endless cycle. No, there are none in the shop at the moment. Yes, I'm working on one right now and I'll list it as soon as I finish. Literally. I'm here to please. They're the most time-consuming hat I make by far and I'm alternating between working on them and working on the Splatoon hats.

While I'm on the subject of Halloween and costume hats...sort of...I lowered the price of the DRAMAtical Murders Noiz hat to $35! There are a handful available and ready-to-ship right now! Button included.

And now to digress slightly, but still costume-related. I finished the write-ups on my website for my crochet Sailor Saturn cosplay as well as my BL:TPS Nisha from Dragon*Con.

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