FREE KNITTING PATTERN(S) - Jerry Horne's Llama Mitts from Twin Peaks The Return Also A Llama Hat

UPDATE 2/12/23: Made some slight edits to make the pattern more readable!

If you haven't made mittens or gloves with at thumb gusset before I don't recommend this pattern to you just yet. You're welcome to go for it, but it might get a little confusing.

Jerry's mitts in the show are fingerless, but with individual finger holes. I'm not gonna lie, I absolutely hate making individual finger holes. I made these mitts in the good ol' bag lady style, which is less time and also doesn't make me irrationally angry. If you want to make fingers, please, feel free if you have the skillz and patience. I am an ill-tempered knitter.

What You Need

  • Size 2 DPNs (set of 4) - use larger needles for larger mitts, you may need to experiment a bit with needle size and gauge
  • 2 stitch markers
  • Stitch holder
  • Fingering weight yarn in red, black, and blue

Gauge: 7 sts/inch, 9 rows/inch

My finished mitts measure about 3.25" at the wrist cuff and are about 5.5" in length from fingers to wrist.

BOTH Mitts
With red, starting at wrist cuff.

  • CO to 3 needles - 15 sts, 15 sts, and 16 sts (46 sts total), use whatever co you prefer;
  • 10 rnds of k1p1 ribbing;
  • Rnd 11: * k5, inc, repeat from * around, k, inc (56 sts total);
  • Rnds 12-13: work even;
  • Join black, begin chart (below) starting in bottom right corner, repeat around;

  • Rnd 19-20: break off black and work even in red;
  • Rnd 21: join blue and begin llama chart (below) starting at bottom right, but disregard the numbers on the chart if you're confused because they don't correspond to the literal rnds of the mitt;
  •      ** Place 2 st markers, one on either side of the 54th st, starting the thumb gusset;
  • Rnd 22: keep working the chart, but inc on the "inside" of the st markers, making 3 sts between the markers. The thumb is solid red, so be careful carrying your floats across so you don't lose stretchiness;
  • Rnd 23: keep working the chart, and then work even across the thumb gusset; Rnd 24: chart and then inc on the inside of the st markers, so you have 5 sts between;
  •      **continue this pattern, working the chart, and then inc the gusset every other rnd until there are 17 sts between the markers, work another rnd after this then move these sts to your st holder and rejoin to continue the chart (you should hit 17 in the 1st rnd of solid red after llamas, so you'll be rejoining the hand during the 1st rnd of black, and you'll also need to add a st at the end of the 1st rnd where you rejoin the hand);

After the chart work a rnd in red with k4, k2tog pattern so that you end up with your original number of sts on each needle as when you began; you'll need one final decrease at the end of the rnd (15, 15, 16);
Finish with 7 rnds of k1p1 ribbing and do a stretchy BO.
Pick up thumb sts on 3 needles (6, 6, 5), then pick up 3 of the sts where you rejoined the main part of the hand to get a total of 20 sts, arrange them as 7, 6, 7 across needles.
Rejoin red where you rejoined the hand and finish the thumb with 1 rnd of k then 3 rnds of k1p1 ribbing, stretchy BO.

Weave in your ends and all that good stuff.

Same as the left mitt, but...
     ** Place 2 st markers, one on either side of the 3rd st, starting the thumb gusset;
Use this chart for the llamas (note how they are shifted to the left to accommodate the thumb);

To make Jerry's llama mitts as a hat if you're feeling frisky...
Using size 7 circulars
  • CO 90 sts with red (or another color);
  • 8 rnds k1p1 ribbing, inc 1 st at the end of rnd 10 (91);
  • 3 rnds of red, join black, begin Chart 1;

2 rnds of red, join blue, begin Chart 2;

2 rnds of red, join black, begin Chart 3;

  • Dec at the end of the last rnd of the chart (90);
  • Begin dec of crown: * k8, k2tog, repeat from * around (81);
  • Work even;
  • * k7, k2tog, repeat from * around (72);
  • Work even;
  • * k6, k2tog, repeat from * around (63);
  • Work even;
  • * k5, k2tog, repeat from * around (54);
  • Work even;
  • * k4, k2tog, repeat from * around (45);
  • Work even;
  • * k3, k2tog, repeat from * around (36);
  • * k2, k2tog, repeat from * around (27);
  • * k, k2tog, repeat from * around (18);
  • K2tog around (9).

Go forth and knit. You can modify this pattern however you want and use it however you want. It's not really "mine" per se, but I did take the time to reverse engineer these beauties and I appreciate a link back to this page at least, so you can spread the joy and wonder. If you're feeling generous you should buy me a coffee.

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