New Prehistoric Pals Hats and UPDATED Pattern!


I spruced up my old dinosaur hat pattern! I do believe it's my last knitting pattern that I needed to update to version2.0! It's two patterns in one! Two dinosaurs! A long-neck Brontosaurus dino and a T-Rex! The T-Rex is super cute, especially in pink, if you ask me.

Anyway, the pattern is now more clear and I made some changes to resize it so the finished hats have a better fit. You can get it from Ko-Fi or Ravelry RIGHT NOW!

There are also a few physical hats available on Etsy...while supplies last! I'm not planning on stocking them unless there's interest, so what's there is what's there!

The hat below is available and it's a variation of the one in the pattern! Easy variation! Just two rows of dinos! It makes a bit slouchier of a hat.

Happy crafting! I'll be moving on to reworking my crochet patterns next! I'll be adding more step-by-step photos and also making some companion videos to go along with them!


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