Turtle and Bear Beam Guardian Scarf AKA This Scarf Took Forever

UPDATE 2/1/23: This is of course no longer available, I also priced it horrendously low and looking over these posts has made me painfully aware of how stupid I was. I even acknowledge how long this took and yet...and yet!

Lesson learned, but anywho. Check out my current Etsy inventory. At the moment, I have no Dark Tower stuff, but I am seriously considering doing some more, and I will absolutely be making the Beam Guardian animal patterns available, hopefully this month! Follow me on Facebook for the latest updates! 

If the Crimson King has been sitting on the balcony of the Dark Tower knitting Beam Guardian scarves it's absolutely no wonder that he wanted to tear the Beams down. I too, at this point, totally want to to cause time and space to crumble.

This scarf is awesome. Making it was less awesome. What a drag knitting big ass scarves is. Big ass scarves take much time and much yarn. It was really dismaying when I kept running out of yarn and having to go get ONE MORE SKEIN, when I actually should have bought five to start with. Big ass scarves take even more time when you're a spaz like me and you take the thing apart three times because you get a better idea of how to do it. Discounting how many times I started over and discounting the very lengthy breaks I took while making this - it took 50+ hours and much more yarn than I planned for. Anyway...here are some words about this fabulous scarf.

Buy it here!

Turtle and Bear Beam Guardian Scarf100% Peruvian Highland Wool
8” wide and 60” in length (excluding 4” fringe on either end, which brings the entire scarf to 68”)
Behind each Guardian is a pocket for you to stick your hands in. Or rocks or whatever. The center is two layers to keep your neck extra cozy.
$65 + $10 (US only) 2-3 day shipping including tracking and insurance
Good News: I’m completely willing to make more of these scarves, but they won’t be as wide (I’m thinking 5”) and they’ll be made of a more economical fiber (dat luxurious Peruvian Highland wool is pricey, ya’ll). Due to the change in width I’ll have to simplify the Guardians (probably more silhouetted and less detailed, but they'll still be cool - I promise!). I’ll use the same staghorn cabling pattern for the Beam up the center and the Tower will be a similar spiral design, but also simplified. Changing the width and simplifying the colorwork will decrease production time. The change in yarn will also decrease the cost (subsequent scarves will probs around $45 each when finished).
Bad News: I can’t start another scarf until mid-September at the earliest. I’m still getting ready for Dragon*Con at the end of this month and then I have a handful of special request orders lined up for when I get back that I’ll need to knock out. I also have to make some goodies for some promotional contests I want to do. One in Facebook and one on Tumblr!
Long days and pleasant nights to you, Dark Tower fans.


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