Some Updates!

UPDATE 2/1/23: This is another thing I am very proud of. I really want to get back into cosplay. I always had a great time at DragonCon. I'm sort of old now and I do not care for the youngsters. lol

If you're here, then go take a look at my Etsy inventory or visit my Ko-Fi page!  

I'll get back to my regular posting of WIP Wednesdays and hopefully some more Free Pattern Fridays after Dragon*Con! Also after Dragon*Con I'll be doing TWO giveaways. There will be one on Facebook and one on Tumblr, so you'll have two chances to win (but you can't win both!). I've already gotten started on some of the giveaway items in the downtime I have between painting sections of my Zer0 suit.

Speaking of the Zer0 suit - here are some pictures of the details!

I'm currently finishing up work on the back then I'm doing the head last. I'm also working on the class mods that go on his elbows and a Storm Front grenade. I'll also have The Bee for my shield, but I didn't make it. It lights up and is pretty awesome. I'll post a picture of it soon.


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