Happy Thanksgiving + Black Friday + Some Updates

UPDATE 2/4/23: This is just me acknowledging that I have looked at this post during this Great Blog Re-Work of 2023.

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Happy Black Friday! I hope everyone's having fun and had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. I spent it watching Cheers and feeding turkey to the cats. Today I'm putting on my knitting pants and getting back to "work."

I've been real busy with custom requests lately! I've gotten so many people in need of bigfoot hats that I'm going to take a moment to make a handful of different ones for the shop. They'll be on sale for the holidays too! I totally associate yetis with Christmas and yetis are northern bigfeet, right? Right. So keep your eyes peeled for those. There will be some Lorelai-style ones (gray and white) as well as other colors too.

I'll also be making a few more Dalek hats, for the Whovians. INCLUDING Baby Dalek hats made with actual baby yarn.

I'm going to be getting started on some other neat custom items this weekend first, including a Game of Thrones-themed scarf and some Star Trek patterns. Yay, Trekkies! For the month of December I'll also be sharing a bunch of new colorwork charts, which is something else to get excited about. Such excitement!

Dark Tower fans, I've not forgotten you! I'm going to make more Beam scarves soon! I just got bogged with those custom requests. I'll be restocking the entire Dark Tower section of the shop with new Unfound and Crimson King hats. And listen, once I've made one of each Beam at least I'm going to write out the pattern and make a nice PDF containing all of the Beam Guardian colorwork charts and the rest of the scarf pattern. It'll be available on the cheap, of course.


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