Sporty Bobble Hats and Some Other Updates

UPDATE 2/8/23: I no longer stock these hats in my shop. You can absolutely request a custom one, but I NO LONGER include the patches on the brim of the sporty bobbles, pins on the regular bobbles, NOR any sort of tentacles. These extras are just not cost effective. I have yet to find a single person willing to compensate me adequately for the time it takes to do these things. My pin supplies also no longer supplies me pins, so pins are out for that reason. Sorry for being salty! For real though.

You can also now just make your own! Get the pattern here!

This post is long overdue! I apologize for my absence, but I got a huge influx of custom orders and now I've been trying valiantly to restock. [Shop here!]

Splatoon Sporty Bobble Hats

Over the holidays I had several inquiries about Sporty Bobbles. I simply didn't have time to flesh out the pattern between assorted custom requests, but I finally managed to squeeze one in a few weeks ago during a very brief lull. I've now made several and they're among the items I'm stocking at the moment. You can actually see how the design progressed if you look real close at these images. 

I'm going to try my hardest to keep a couple in assorted colors in my shop at all times. I'll be taking custom requests again soon too! I can make them in any color, unless you want tentacles as I have limited fabric colors on hand at the moment.

And yes, I will now add Octoling tentacles instead of Inkling tentacles if that is more your style! I will only add Octoling tentacles for custom hats and not offer them on ready-to-ship hats because they're a great deal more labor-intensive than the Inkling tentacles. I also hate sewing so you'll be paying for my pain and suffering. *wink*

If you are interested in a custom hat, please inquire via Etsy, a Facebook PM or the form on my main website. Resist the urge to send me tumblr messages, for the love of all things good in the world. I'm not going to lie - I don't care for tumblr, I rarely get on, and it doesn't always let me view my messages. My response to you will be non-existent or terribly delayed. I respond very quickly to these other forms of contact.
But enough of my bitchin'...more updates!

Banner Revamping!

I'm going to be re-doing all of my banners for all of my pages. If anyone cares! I'm excited at this if no one else is. As soon as I'm done restocking I'm going to spend a day working on snazzy new banners!

Other Stuff!

I seriously haven't had a moment to work on any personal projects. I have several stewing in my mind. Mainly, my next insanely crochet cosplay...RANGER GENERAL SYLVANAS OMG. I'm really, really hoping to get a chance to start on this soon. I also still have plans to do a series of crochet tutorials to show you all how I do colorwork...which is technically not "correct," but haters gonna hate. 

And I would really like to do a weird niche crochet-along to make a Fallout power armor helmet. No joke. T-60. I haven't even had a damn minute to play Fallout 4, of course, and I hope to also get around to that before diving into crocheting a helmet from the game. lulz

I also got a 3D printer for Christmas, which is completely unrelated to yarncrafting. More about this in a later post! I am truly a jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none, you guys.

A Giveway?!

I need to do a giveaway. Again, I really haven't had any time to prepare for one. I need to make infographics and figure out wtf to give away. I'm going to ponder this deeply as I get back to work on another Sporty turquoise!

Oh, oh! Expect a pretty extensive colorwork chart collection this week on...Free Pattern Friday!


  1. When will the other sporty bobble hats be in stock again? Just wondering, no rush.

  2. No idea. I have very little time for stocking. Your best bet is to place a custom order. Sorry. :(


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