Crochet Plushies. More Plushies. Then Some More Plushies.

UPDATE 2/8/23: I still like making plushies. I love getting requests for plushies. I love when people want creative plushies!

I really like making plushies, especially if I get to make a whole lot of different plushies in all different styles, etc., which I've been doing. I really like figuring out how to create different shapes with the skills at my disposal! I've been trying to make more crochet plushies over the last few months when I have some spare time, so that you internet people can see that I also make plushies in addition to hundreds of hats. A few people have shown some interest and this is super cool. *Hint Hint* I can and will happily make you a custom plushie in exchange for money. ;)

Extra Special One-of-a-Kind Stuff
First, there was this camel. I may or may not have made a blog post about him. I'm far too lazy to look at it's almost 2am. Who doesn't love a crochet camel though?

I didn't pattern this camel because sometimes (a lot of the time) I like to make extra special one-of-a-kind plushies. Also, patterning really disrupts my creative flow.

Yes, I made all four legs the same from memory. They're not all exactly the same, but shhh! Close enough - this is why you should take notes at least if you're making a thing with parts that all need to be the same. I'm good at eye-balling.

Next is a chubby polar bear teddy with a scarf. My compulsion to make polar bears wearing scarves is inexplicable.

Again, no pattern. Again, his arms and legs are not exactly the same because I wrote nothing down. In fact, I was making his arms and the second one came out larger than the first, so then I decided it was a leg instead. This is how I roll when making extra special one-of-a-kind crochet plushies.

After the teddy polar bear, I made a vaguely more realistic-shaped polar bear. With a scarf, of course.

MTG Chibi Dolls!
A fine human commissioned some Magic: The Gathering (yes, I'm talking about the nerd card game) dolls and they turned out awesome and were also fun to make. Lots of fun. Super fun. They're Chandra and Jace, and omg I patterned the basic chibi doll shape I came up with! I need to test my pattern one more time and then make a nice PDF which will be available in my Etsy shop on the cheap. It will just be for the blank doll, not the two dolls below. I like to encourage creativity from my fellow internet crafters, you see. Also, patterning these as I made them really would have interrupted my workflow. Plus, Chandra's hair was insane and I'm not even sure how to describe everything I did.

Chandra took about 35ish hours and Jace ran me around 15. If you know me, you know I'm awful at keeping track of how long things take me to make. This is largely because I work on multiple things at once and also because me and time don't really get along.

And Then This Donkey
After making and sharing the chibi dolls on Facebook, I was asked to make a rather specific donkey doll in the same style. This is a donkey with clothes and blue ears holding a chocolate-covered nut. Don't ask because I can't answer. I just make what I'm told. Thiswas also fun. I used my doll pattern, but then I made a donkey head instead of the chibi head.

Feel free to venture on over to my Facebook page to find some WIP pictures of some of these recent projects. It's much less effort to update Facebook than this blog and I'm sorry for slacking lately. But there's a new cheap-o paid pattern to look forward too and hopefully some more awesome free colorwork charts coming soon!
Happy crafting, internet! XOXO


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