FREE Louise Belcher Ears Hat Knitting Pattern From Bob's Burgers Oh My God

UPDATE 2/8/23: I'd like to do a version of this where the ears aren't seamed and are, like, weird socks. Or, you know, made like socks. Like...toe-up socks? Do you all know what I mean? I can't words today. I've put it on my list of to-do stuff in my big 2023 update extravaganza.
I just blasted through every episode of Bob's Burgers very quickly. I'm not going to tell you how many days it took because it's sort of embarrassing. Several people told me to watch this show. Repeatedly. Over the years.

"You'll really like it, Michelle!" they said.

"It's right up your alley, Michelle!" they said.

"You love fart jokes!" they said.

Everything said was true, but I'm a filthy hipster and I refused to watch it simply because so many people insisted that I would like it. I ran out of things to watch, so I put it on and prepared myself to like it. Because I knew I would. Everyone said I would. Everyone is always right. Now...oh, my God.

Laying flat, the finished hat is about 11" across at the widest point. The ears are 6" and the earflaps are approximately 5" long. My gauge = 3.5 sts/inch and 6 rows/inch.

Stuff You Need
  • size 7 circular needles
  • size 7 DNPs
  • worsted weight yarn in pink (I used Radhart Supa Sava in 'Perfect Pink' - I have no idea about yardage, but I used less than a partially used skein of average size)
  • a length of scrap yarn (for provisional cast on)
  • polyfil or preferred stuffing
  • yarn needle
  • stitch marker
Stuff You Need To Know How To Do

  • CO: cast on
  • k: knit
  • k2tog: knit 2 together AKA decrease (dec)
  • inc: increase, using your preferred method
  • pu: pick up

Provisional CO 90 with size 7 circulars;
Stockinette for 22 rnds;
Rnd 23: k8, k2tog, repeat around;
Rnd 24: work even;
Rnd 25: k7, k2tog, repeat around;
Rnd 26: work even;
Rnd 27: k6, k2tog, repeat around;
Rnd 28: work even;
continue this decreasing pattern, switching to DPNs when things get tight, and then closing the hole in the top accordingly...JUST LIKE A BASIC HAT!

Pick up your provisional stitches with your circulars;
Stockinette for 7 rnds;
Use a stretchy cast off and cast off 12 sts, then begin first earflap;

Earflap: k12 (this will result in 13 sts on your needle);
Stockinette for 14 rows;
K2tog at either end of row s15, 19, 23, 25, 27;
Cast off on the 28th row;

Stretchy cast off the next 43 sts, begin second earflap ;
Complete second earflap the same as first earflap;
CO remaining sts;

Lining and inside of earflaps:
CO 90 on circulars;
8 rnds of stockinette then begin cast off and earflaps in same way as above;
Seam this part inside of the outer part of the hat using preferred seaming method to stop all of your stockinette from rolling;
add little blobby bits to the bottoms of the earflaps for supreme accuracy

Ears (make 2)
CO 8
Stockinette for 6 rows;
Inc at either end of row 7;
Stockinette for 3 more rows;
Inc at either end of 11;
Stockinette for 15 rows (if you want longer/taller ears then do more rows of stock in this section);
Dec at either end of row 16
Dec at ends every 3rd row until 4 sts left, when 4 left, dec next two rows

Repeat and seam together, stuff with preferred stuffing until desired firmness and then sew it to the top of your hat accordingly!

Wear your hat.

And next week...CROCHET KUCHI KOPI PATTERN. Get excited. Pee in your pants. Or your rain boots. Or the bathtub.

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