WIP Wednesday! Bags! Bags! Bags!

Commissions will be closed at the end of this month, probably through all of February so I can concentrate on updating old patterns, and also old blog posts here. AND ALSO get started making pattern and tutorial videos! I'll be revamping my YouTube, which I will not link you to just yet. Patience, my dudes! While you wait, check out my patterns on Ravelry. I'll actually be MAKING the things from my patterns because that's the best way to test them, so they'll be available for purchase once they're done. If there's something from one of my patterns that you like a lot then keep an eye out!

As far as the rest of this month goes, I'm trying to jam out a few new items for a small shop update on February 1st - they're all bags! So many bags! I'm trying to see what designs I vibe with. Take a look around my Etsy shop to see what's available currently!

pokemoon eeveelutions crochet blanket
I'm NOT going to do any Valentine's Day items this year! I hope that doesn't disappoint anyone! If you want Valentine's stuff you can ABSOLUTELY request a commission, just contact me before the end of this month, so I can get it done in time!

First, this week let's look at my Eeveelutions blanket! I've done a whopping two squares. I'm waiting to join them when I've done all nine because I'm not sure how I want to arrange them, except I know I want the cute lil Eevee in the middle. 

These c2c charts are available for Ko-Fi subscribers, and Glaceon is one of next month's patterns. Subscriptions are $3/month and you get access to future patterns as well as everything on this page

I don't want to spoil too many of the bags I'm working on, but I will show you two that I like a lot. They are both four panels that are seamed together and then I attached wooden handles to the points formed at the top. I did one with sort of a checkered pattern and the other is two nested V stitch patterns and then some basic double-crochet mesh. Both are 100% cotton! They're done except weaving in the ends. The black one is nice and big!

I'm also making a bunch of daisy granny squares for a granny square bag, which seems popular right now? I don't know. I'm going to do a checkered pattern with the light and dark teal-ish backgrounds then brown wood handles. I hope I can get it done before the shop update. I perhaps should have made the squares larger! lol oops!

And then finally, I'm leisurely working on a little personal project! Nothing too crazy this time! I'm making a frog! It's one of the Crafty Intentions' frogs, and you can get the pattern here. This is not the best picture. I should've taken a picture before it started getting dark! All I've done is one back leg. I might work on it a bit tonight. Maybe.

And that's it! For the most up-to-date updates, visit my Facebook page and give it a follow!


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